2 September, 2022


Who is on your team?

In all aspects of learning, the benefits of being part of a team, certainly outweigh the influence of any one individual!  Often, I am curious as to who students have on their learning team.  Who is their mentor?  Which peers are the biggest positive influence?  Who do they admire?  What qualities in their peer group do they cherish?

Currently, in the Middle School, every Year 8 student has a ‘learning mentor’ for their EY8 project.  A mentor in this setting is someone from outside the College community and someone outside of the immediate household.  These EY8 mentors are selected by the Year 8 students as they are seen as a ‘servant leader’ or an ‘expert in their field’.  These mentorships provide relationships that are often ongoing and hopefully continue to act as a guide to our young leaders towards further learning and leadership.

Throughout this week, I have been impressed by students being able to assist others either in their mentor class team, year level team or House team.  Not every team is going to be a champion team, however, every day we can all aim to be better, continually improving and supporting the learning of others.  At home, our students need to have learning teams too.  This can be a learning conversation in the car, at the dinner table or later in the evening with parents and siblings.  Learning doesn’t just stop and start; it is continuous and cyclical.

At a time when we will see, hear and feel the effects of teams in the sporting arena, on stage in a musical production or in a public speaking debate, I encourage every student and mentor to continue to support each other’s learning team, so we all continue to feel connected, supported and inspired by our collective achievements.


Ben Green
Head of Middle School