23 September, 2022


Everyone is ‘good’ at something!

This message is a regular statement throughout our Middle School community.  It is very true, every member of our team is ‘good’ at something, some many things!  The celebration of these ‘strengths’ enables our learners to take on challenges, accept mistakes and become more determined to be better.  Often we use our ‘strengths’ as our starting point for learning goals, it is a great place to start.  The next step is to use this confidence and strength to try a new challenge.  Developing the learning of the whole person is a focus for our College, through the academic, co-curricular and pastoral care programs.  These all have equal weight of importance but provide balance for our learners to use their social, emotional, physical and academic abilities to achieve learning goals.

Throughout the past week, a highlight of our Middle School has been the inter-campus links through our Year 8 Peer Leaders, supporting our Junior School Athletics program and our Year 6 Leaders providing an enriching buddy program with Early Learning Erina students, just two examples of our students experience hands-on leadership and community mindedness.

Looking ahead, we are excited to see the EY8 Programs on display on Wednesday afternoon and evening throughout the Middle School, the focus on Servant Leadership has embraced so many of our College’s Learner Attributes! Thank you to our Year 8 Mentors for their support and to every EY8 Mentor in our local community for their commitment to guiding our students for the past 16 weeks!


Ben Green
Head of Middle School

Public Speaking winners

Congratulations to Maddie Hassell (Year 8) for winning the State Legacy Junior Public Speaking Competition and Elizabeth Moore (Year 7) for being Runner-Up!  Himash Keerthiratne (Year 8) and Gina Kumar (Year 7) also gave exemplary efforts.  Maddie and Lizzie will now compete in the Nationals!  What a wonderful achievement.

Katie Lester
Person-in-Charge of Public Speaking

Cows Create Careers

Middle School students in Year 8 are reaching the end of their experiences involving the Dairy industry and the science of raising calves.

Each class has had hands-on experiences in the care and feeding of our two calves, provided by the Lester family, for six weeks.

We have also had guest speakers talk about soils and ruminant digestion. Many thanks to Seona Findlay and Rosie from the Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic.

Last week we visited dairies and dairy calf sheds at Clovelly Dairy at Bridport. Students reflected positively on the day, learning about the bodily functions of cows and deepening their understanding of the milk production process.

John Hutchison, Jaydee Events director of Cows Create Careers, said the innovative project highlights the diversity of skills and professional careers within Australia’s vibrant dairy industry: “Cows Create Careers allows students to engage with the dairy industry in a unique and novel way – all while highlighting the range of university, vocational and professional pathways within the industry,” he said.

Cows Create Careers was originally established in 2004 with dairy farmers in the Strzelecki Lions Club in Victoria and nine Gippsland schools. The project has since been supported by industry, regional development programs, dairy farmers and sponsors. It has now grown to over 230 schools across Australia with more than 11,500 students completing the project in 2021. “While Cows Create Careers increases student awareness of the dairy industry, the benefits of the project extend well beyond the classroom,” John said. “It opens opportunities for students to engage with the dairy industry, creates links to their local community, and allows them to learn new skills.”

Locally, the project is funded by DairyTas and receives additional support across the state from local companies MaxCare Animal Nutrition, Roberts, Daviesway, Dasco, Skellerup and Peach Teats who have continued to support the project in the Launceston region.

Fiona Taylor