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12 June, 2020


Year 7 & 8 students return to school

This week our Year 7 & 8 students returned to classes on campus. It was fabulous greeting them all on Tuesday and welcoming them back to the Middle School.  The students enjoyed being able to reconnect with their friends and teachers. Everyone adapted well to the changes in timetables and routines at school and the energy around the school was fabulous.


Year 8 Science

Year 8 Science students have been working on their chemistry unit, this has included experiments at home to look at chemical reactions in the kitchen. Having the students back in the classroom has enabled us to demonstrate some exciting classical chemical reactions in the form of “Elephants Toothpaste” and sodium’s reaction with moisture.


Horizontal Tutor groups in the Middle School

Since returning to school, students in the Middle School have been meeting for Horizontal tutor daily.  A number of activities have been organised, including wellbeing walks, Just Dance, Kahoot’s, 5-minute games and students have enjoyed sharing their interests and getting to know other students in their House.


Year 7 Music

Year 7 students are currently composing their own Australian Folk Songs in their music classes.  They are learning how to write lyrics, put these words into verse or chorus structures and then they are creating their own melodies and chords.  Some of the song categories include famous bushrangers, outback Australia, transportation and convicts and even shearing sheep!  The students are also learning how to use recording software programs to capture and edit their ideas.  We hope to hear some of their compositions in the future.


Signing In and Out at Middle School reception

A reminder for parents to notify Middle School Reception (email:, as well as class teachers for any sign-outs for students leaving for appointments during the day.

Julie Kemp 
Head of Middle School



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