30 September, 2022


Explore Year 8 (EY8)

Raising the profile of being a servant leader, is at the heart of the EY8 process.  This week, the Middle School was an epi-centre of pride and community connection.  Students displayed their EY8 projects to visitors and peers, these projects included: assisting animal welfare programs, neighbourhood improvements, teenage health habits, rural communities affected by floods and fire, enabling remote communities to gain access to sporting facilities, welding creations to enhance community projects, celebrating culture and food, exercise challenges to improve community health, motorbike rides to raise awareness of women’s health,  assisting local charities through awareness raising, refurbishing a College Sail Boat to its former glory and many more…these are just some of the EY8 projects that have been positively impacting our community over the past 16 weeks.  The sense of pride from the Year 8 students is the rewarding lens our Year 8 Mentor Teachers and families enjoyed the most this week.  Our next challenge is to encourage our Middle School student leaders to keep this ‘servant mindset’ as they continue on through their learning and aspire to ‘look outward’ and inspire others.


Ben Green
Head of Middle School