18 November, 2022


New Beginnings, New Friendships, New Learning Opportunities – Middle School Orientation Day 2022!

The excitement of new possibilities could be seen far and wide across the Middle School, at our Orientation Day program, offering opportunities to design, collaborate, make and recreate ideas!  A snapshot of the day of highlights included learning three languages, exploring art mediums, crafting drama monologues, designing sky-scraping spaghetti towers, making tasty smoothies, racing around the Penquite Campus in an amazing race and exploring the creative industries…all with new friends and teaching teams.  The prospects for a positive start to 2023 in the Middle School is the priority for all in our community.  With the belief that everyone has a strength to offer, it enables the chance for a vibrant and exciting learning environment.  #beyou!

Ben Green
Head of Middle School

Lizzie wins Third Place in Legacy Nationals

Both Maddie Hassell (Year 8) and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Moore (Year 7) were simply brilliant ambassadors for our College when they participated in Legacy’s National Junior Public Speaking Award over the weekend in Launceston and on Monday 14 November.  In his new role, they cemented history for Mayor Danny Gibson as they were two of his first guests at the Town Hall for a Civic Reception on Saturday night.

After a weekend of fun with fellow mainland participants, on Monday they took to the stage to speak up on topics they felt strongly about.  In a clincher of a competition, two students from South Australia won first and second, with our own Lizzie Moore claiming third place for Tasmania. Adjudicators praised participants for the exceptionally high standard of all involved.

Special thanks to Legacy for their steadfast support of young people who appreciate the ideals of Legacy and its work. As an organisation dedicated to the welfare of families of deceased veterans of war and peacekeeping operations, they continue to be strong advocates of youth in communities such as ours.  We now look forward to entering more of our public speakers next year!

Katie Lester
Person-in-Charge of Public Speaking

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