2 December, 2022


What is your personal key to success…?

Consistency is an element of every key to success.  This opinion has been a discussion point in the Middle School this week. Some of the elements that make our learning consistent include mindset (determination), skill level (performance) and continuous improvement.  In recent days, many of our Middle School students have experienced success in various cricket competitions.  The common theme has been consistent team performance, team effort and team mindset.  Both our boys’ and girls’ cricket teams have enjoyed wonderful success, all from being the best teams in the competition, not the most talented group of players. The teams performed consistently every game, every innings, every over and every ball.   Sport provides a great insight into character; these skills are very transferable to other settings and indeed life skills too.

Thank you to every coach, mentor, parent volunteer, teacher and teacher assistant who cares for these transferable skills and moments to make our young leaders better players, better learners and better citizens for all of us to benefit from.

Middle School Final Assembly

A special invitation to all Year 8 families to attend our Middle School Final Assembly where we will celebrate the year and acknowledge our Year 8 cohort as they progress to Senior School in 2023. Commencing at 9:00 am in the HPEC@Penquite.


Ben Green
Head of Middle School