8 December, 2022


End of Year – Thank you

As Summer commences it is a sign of adventure, relaxation and reflection.  During 2022 our Middle School community has embraced the theme #beyou!  This commitment to developing personal strengths and displaying compassion to others is something that is not just related to Term time.  My wish is that all Middle School students find the time to give to others this Christmas, provide time to listen and to enjoy the chance to be in the outdoors.

On behalf of the Middle School community, I wish to express my gratitude to the entire team of teacher, teacher assistants, mentors, coaches and volunteers who contribute to the life-long pursuit of learning.  Thank you to our Year 8 leaders for giving back to our community.  Some images from our Middle School final assembly today are above. I look forward to an exciting year ahead in 2023.

Ben Green
Head of Middle School

Science Award

The Science and Engineering Investigation Awards (SEIA) allow Year 5 – 12 students to investigate a topic of their choice, either by following the scientific method of inquiry or engineering a physical solution (prototypes) to address specific problems or needs. Students plan what they are going to do, carry out their experiments or create their prototypes, then present their findings to judges from research, industry and education.

Year 6 students had an opportunity to create a science report in Term 3 and ten projects were entered into the competition. We are excited to announce the following awards from the Scotch Oakburn entries:

Best Project – Charlie Graham – Explosions with mentos’
Highly Commended by Judges – Lexi Cairns and Aggie Lyne – Vinegar vs Dishwashing Liquid

Charlie commented, “I was worried that completing the project by myself was going to be hard, but I persisted, and I am very happy I did!”.

Winners were celebrated in assembly and received a voucher and prize pack. We are thankful to the University of Tasmania for this wonderful opportunity.

Meg Hughes

Year 6 MusicFest

The College’s Performing Arts Centre was a hive of activity and full of nervous excitement on Tuesday 6 December as the Year 6 students prepared for their final performance of the year, the Year 6 MusicFest. During the concert, students shared performances of the music they have been learning in recent weeks. These performances were the culmination of a great deal of learning that has taken place this year.

This year, Year 6 students have been learning a brass, woodwind, percussion, or string instrument during their Music classes. Students formed class concert bands and string ensembles where they learnt not only to read music and play their instrument, but to work as a member of a supportive team.

During their MusicFest performance, students introduced the pieces they were to perform and shared what they had learnt during the year. These reflections included “I enjoyed learning to read the music notes on the page and pushing down the right buttons”; “learning counting skills with Miss Sian Parry that we also used in band”; “I have enjoyed playing my sax because it is fun, I love playing it”; “I have overcome the challenge of being able to practice at home and finding time to help me become a better musician”; “keeping in time”; “I have worked hard to fix my hand position when playing my trumpet and correct my posture”; “we have been pushed to be the best musician we can be, and I’ve enjoyed more advanced pieces of music we have played compared to last year”; “to work as a team and to turn all the notes into music”; and “the thing I have enjoyed most is being able to have the opportunity to be in music class with such great friends, peers, and teachers”.

The audience was treated to performances by two concert bands and two string ensembles, with “We Need a Little Christmas” concluding the Year 6 MusicFest. This is a song the students learnt with Miss Parry in their musicianship classes. The entire Year 6 cohort formed a choir and presented the song as a musical Christmas gift to their parents, grandparents, and teachers.

The students’ reflections capture in their own words that they have learnt a great deal about perseverance, commitment, teamwork, patience, mentoring, and much more through learning to play an instrument. Throughout the entire process of learning to play and to perform, they discovered that making music is fun when the hard work is done, and you walk off stage knowing you have shared something that has created an intangible connection between the musician and audience member.

At the conclusion of the Year 6 MusicFest, the students’ buzz of nervous energy had transformed into the buzz of satisfaction at a job well done!

The Music team used the College’s Learner Attributes as focus points in every lesson. These were on the wall in our classroom as a reminder to the students and embedded in the teaching and learning. Each lesson, the students were reminded to:

  • Be ready to collaborate. Let’s work together to learn and make music, respecting everyone.
  • Be curious about learning to play your instrument.
  • Be prepared to focus and regulate your behaviour.
  • Be courageous and willing to have a go especially when the going gets tough.

Finally,, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Heidi King, Miss Sian Parry, Ms Anna Tieman, Mr Ben Marsland, Mr Andy Prideaux and Mr Roger Tattersall for their work in the Year 6 Music program this year.

Stephen King
Head of Performing Arts