3 February, 2023


Welcome Back

Observing the excitement of the commencement of a school year provides energy for us all!  The sounds of laughter, play, teamwork and collaboration provide the forum for connection and the start of a sense of belonging to a community, to a House group or to a team.  For some families the past few days have been a new chapter for them, either as new families to our College, taking the first steps into our Early Learning Centre, discovering a new Junior School learning space, a Middle School transition or a start to the Senior School years of being a leader of our community.  One pursuit for all is to feel a sense of belonging and to create a sense of connection.

The College is alive with community engagement in the first week.  From welcoming families on our Campuses, Parent Information evenings, a new family gathering and celebrating the student success of 2022 with our College Honours Assembly.  They have all been significant moments for relationships to be reconnected or a chance for new beginnings.  The key for all of us is to keep the community momentum building throughout the year, based upon our College values to ensure that we all continue to develop our capacity for ourselves, for others and

for our community.  This year shapes to be a highly engaging one for our students.  One future highlight is the full Round Square program being back for all of the College to enjoy.  The Round Square commitment to realising that “there’s more in you than you think” (Kurt Hahn, founder – Round Square) is inspiration that regardless of age, experience or background, we all have the capacity to give, and in essence, create a community that everyone feels that they belong.

The inspirational spirit of educational leaders, like Kurt Hahn, can be reflected in stories such as the book ‘Maybe’ written by Kobi Yamada.  A story about the endless potential in all of us!  This is a story for all ages and experiences. I hope your year in 2023 is one that connects to your endless learning potential!


Ben Green
Head of Middle School