Over the past week, I have found myself standing at one of our College’s entrance gates, ready to greet the students as they arrive. It’s a simple yet cherished moment—one that sets the tone for my day. Rain or shine, I’ve made a commitment to safeguard this time as much as possible, and it is quickly becoming a ritual I hold dear.

Why do I treasure these early hours? It’s not just about saying hello; it’s about the informal conversations that unfold. As students pass by, I glimpse into their lives—their progress, their challenges, and their resilience. Mondays, in particular, present a fascinating dynamic. Students readjust their sleep patterns after the weekend, energy levels ebb and flow, and by Friday mornings, fatigue settles in. Yet, when I ask them about their school week or year, their smiles and positive responses reassure me. Even uniform adjustments don’t dampen their spirits.

Our school year has begun seamlessly. Students have embraced daily routines, aligning effortlessly with our values and expectations. Inside our classrooms, learning experiences come alive, and our cocurricular programs add depth to their education. From sports to arts, our students engage in the full spectrum of college life, and it has been wonderful to see many key programs and activities launched over the past week.

But it’s not just about students and teachers. Parents play a crucial role too. I’ve been heartened by the turnout at our information nights. To support your children effectively, we need a strong partnership—a triangle connecting the College, your child, and you. Thank you for investing your time in understanding the year ahead.

2024 promises to be an exciting year—one where connections deepen, achievements unfold, and the spirit of our community thrives. Here’s to the journey ahead!

Ross Patterson