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31 July, 2020


Year 9 and 10 Virtual Parent/Student/Teacher Conference Bookings

Parents of Year 9 and 10 students were sent an email on Monday regarding the upcoming virtual Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences being held on Tuesday 11 August. We are once again offering 3 options: Microsoft Teams meetings, a telephone call or an email and the booking details can be found in the email.  Please also note that staff will contact you when time permits and this may mean communicating with you on a day close to 11 August.  Bookings will close at 12:00pm on Monday 10 August.

Kate Croft
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School


Student Leadership

Our senior students continue to demonstrate excellent leadership, organising weekly activities across the campus.  I am really proud of their commitment to going ahead with a range of activities despite the challenges we all face in having to modify their thinking.

Our Student Executive have organised next Wednesday’s Pyjama Day for students in Years 6-12, raising funds for Vinnie Winter appeal.  They are organising lunchtime activities for students in the HPEC and are working on a major Christmas Appeal.

Our Seniors Committee have been hard at work organising the TCE formal and meeting on a regular basis.

Our Round Square Chairs have been running weekly meetings and discussions for students in small groups on Thursday’s at lunchtime and are arranging a flag display that will be set up on both the Penquite Campus and the Elphin Campuses.   These flags will represent the ethnicities of all students of the College. The project aims to highlight the diversity amongst the students of Scotch Oakburn College and allow us to see the interconnectedness of the school and wider community and internationally, in accordance with the Internationalism IDEAL. This is especially useful this year to strengthen and highlight our international connections without being able to travel.   They have also been arranging international Zoom meetings.

Our WAVE Ambassadors this week guided a Horizontal Tutor session on “The extent of personal freedom’, inspired by recent events in Victoria with members of the public refusing to wear a mask. Some of the questions below were discussed:

  • How far should the government be able to go in order to stop the spread of coronavirus?
  • Is personal freedom even relevant when it comes to the safety of others?
  • Should people’s right to protest take priority, even if there is a risk of disease spread?

Kate Croft
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

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