26 May, 2023


A Captain’s Perspective

College Co-Captain, Zoe Bremner, spoke recently at our Discovery Day to families considering Scotch Oakburn College for their children.  Here is what she had to say:

As a Year 12 Scotch Oakburn student in 2023, I often reflect on the incredible experiences that I have been involved in since Early Learning in 2008. From a young age, the College has presented me with an abundance of unique opportunities, which I believe is one of Scotch Oakburn’s greatest strengths.

Throughout my schooling, the College’s involvement with Round Square has contributed greatly to my personal growth and learning. Round Square is an international network of schools that promotes the ideals of Kurt Hahn, including the development of character, leadership skills and service to others. In year 6, I attended a Round Square conference in Melbourne, and in year 7, I attended a Round Square International Conference in China. Both of these events provided me with a unique learning opportunity beyond traditional classroom learning. I collaborated and made friends with students from all around the world and developed my leadership skills, whilst engaging in meaningful community service.

Education Outdoors throughout the years has also always been a highlight, with every year inviting a new camp experience. For Year 10 camp, we chose a week-long adventure – from walking the Overland Track, to exploring the Mole Creek caves, and even white-water rafting down the rapids of the Mersey River. For my experience, I chose white water rafting. This experience encouraged me to embrace daunting experiences and be resilient, whilst also nurturing new friendships.

During Year 10 we also embarked on a one-week Work- Experience program. For my work experience, I wanted to try something new, so I worked a few days on a farm and a couple of days at the Junior School. Not only did this experience give me practical experience in the work environment, but it also made it very clear to me that neither farming nor teaching young kids was the job for me.

School sport has been a dominant aspect of my school life as I have been a member of the football, basketball, netball, athletics, and cross-country team. The profound sense of belonging I experienced throughout my time at Scotch Oakburn can largely be attributed to the culture and camaraderie fostered within the school’s sports programs. As I approach the end of my final year, I know that one aspect I will deeply miss is the invaluable sense of belonging that participating in school sports provided me.

During my schooling at Scotch Oakburn, I have had incredible opportunities to delve into my personal interests and showcase my talents through a diverse range of co-curricular activities. These enriching experiences have not only enabled me to pursue my passions for sports, mathematics, and space science, but they have also unveiled new areas of interest and facilitated the development of valuable skills. Throughout my academic years, my teachers have not only gone above and beyond to maximise my learning, but they have also established themselves as approachable figures for both me and my fellow students, creating an inclusive and supportive educational environment. This strong student-teacher bond is the foundation of the community feel here at Scotch Oakburn. My advice to all new students coming to the College would be to embrace the opportunities presented, and to fully immerse yourself into the strong culture and community that Scotch Oakburn offers young people.

Zoe Bremner
College Co-Captain

Science & Engineering Challenge

On Friday 12 May, 23 students from Years 9 and 10 headed to UTAS’ Newnham Campus for the Launceston Science & Engineering Challenge.

The Challenge, designed to promote students’ knowledge of STEM careers, involved activities as diverse as inventing secret codes, building artificial hands, scheduling a music festival, and in a nod to the classics, designing and building a bridge. Students competed in groups of two or three, working together to solve problems and engineer solutions.

The Scotch Oakburn team finished third behind Prospect High and the Challenge winner, Riverside High. More importantly, students engaged with STEM, demonstrated innovation, collaboration and agility, and had fun.

Kate Gard
Head of Science

Year 9 Dean and Nance House Community Service Week

The week beginning 15 May 2023, I had the great pleasure to be part of the Year 9 Dean and Nance House Community Service Week. The focus of the week has been for our students to understand how to become the best versions of themselves and how they bring value to other people.

On Monday and Wednesday, we worked with the amazing Will Smith and the team from JCP Youth with themes of Creating and Sustaining Change. The workshop activities have been thought-provoking and challenged our students to inspire them to be the best version of themselves every day.

On Tuesday, we held our Agency Expo Day with first responders, and emergency and community services organisations from Launceston showcasing what they do in our community. Organisations involved include Ambulance Tasmania, Tasmania Fire Service, State Emergency Service, Royal Flying Doctor Service, The Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul Society. Our students were able to spend time with each organisation and learn about what they do and volunteer opportunities. We also acknowledged and celebrated National Volunteer Week 2023.

On Thursday, our focus was ‘Service to Others’ through our Service in Our Community Day. Students in groups, supported by a teacher, spent the day volunteering at the St Vincent de Paul Society facility, previously YMCA site in Kings Meadows, The City Mission, Mission Shop at Youngtown, The Salvos Store at Invermay, and The Salvation Army HQ in the CBD. A group also spent the day at the Junior School, Elphin Campus assisting in classes from Early Learning to Year 4.

Friday was an opportunity for the students to consolidate their learning and experience from the week, developing group presentations to showcase their Community Service Week. I would like to take the opportunity to say how proud I am of the way our students have contributed and conducted themselves with the many activities and sessions they have been part of. I hope they have shared their experiences with you during the week.

Jamie Breden
Community Service Coordinator