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14 August, 2020


Student Drivers & Scotch Oakburn Park

Recently I have received reports of students (P-plate drivers) exiting Scotch Oakburn Park and not giving way to traffic on Penquite Road. When exiting a private roadway, you must give way to all traffic on a public road. The near accidents have occurred when a driver exiting the Park has turned right, heading towards Launceston, pulling out in front of cars turning right from Penquite Road into Eldonhurst Drive. I ask that all drivers exiting Scotch Oakburn Park drive carefully and give way to all traffic on Penquite Road.

Thank you.

Andy Müller

Year 9 and 10 Information Evening (Webinar) & Subject Selection Process for 2021

Next Wednesday, 19 August the College is presenting a Subject Choice Webinar, for 2020 Years 8 and 9 students and parents, commencing at 7.00pm.

This will also include a live Q & A for parents and students.  Following on from this, on Thursday 20 August, staff who are program facilitators and Heads of Department will be presenting for parents and students via MS Teams. Links have been sent to parents.

Kate Croft
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

TCE Subject Selections for 2021

Whilst Year 10 and 11 student interviews are currently well underway for 2021 subject selections, we remind parents that in order for their child’s submission to be finalised, they need to sign off on the selections using Web Preferences.  The email will come from and parents will be prompted to sign and submit the form electronically.  The deadline for this process is Friday 21 August.

Kate Croft
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

Year 10 Design for an Active Lifestyle

The Year 10 Design for an Active Lifestyle class is well underway, preparing this semester’s Human Powered Vehicle bikes for race day later this term. The class is preparing three bikes as they break into smaller teams of 5 or 6 riders.

The aim is to prepare the bikes for a 2-hour race around a challenging circuit set out through the Senior Campus.  Each rider does a short stint in the bike in a relay format as they rotate through the whole team multiple times. The class promotes fitness, ingenuity and design skills but also focuses on the need for good teamwork, using all the skills each individual can bring to the team.

They are currently focused on the presentation and mechanical maintenance of the bikes. Using digital media to create stickers and logos for the bikes as well as mechanical knowledge and skills to make their bike quick and safe for the rider. The subject is in its 15th year and continues to prove to be a popular addition to the wide variety of options available in the Design and Technology department at the College.

Stephen Dobson


Computer Science

Computer Science is an interesting and multi-disciple TCE course. It is centred around the art and craft of computer programming using the programming language JAVA. However, the course is more than just ‘cutting code’.

At the core of all aspects of Computer Science is the concept of problem-solving and how can we write a computer program to solve this problem. Whether is this a simple maths issue, writing a game or a program to use basic encryption, all programs start with a problem that requires solving.

As well as looking at JAVA programming this year, the class has looked at four numbering systems computers use – decimal, binary, octal and hexadecimal – to calculate information and store data. Building upon this knowledge, the class moved into looking at how computes work through the investigation of simple circuit diagrams and programming in a language called TOY from Princeton University. This language is known as ‘machine code’ and is not that readable by humans and is similar to the code used to send the Apollo rockets to the moon.

This term, students are working towards their Major Project, which is usually a game such as Tetris, Space Invaders, Frogger, Chess, BattleShips, BlackJack to name a few previous projects. However, some students also have written Artificial Intelligence and Student Sign-In/Sign-Out for the Boarding House.

The year will finish with a project testing day where we get to look at all the Major Projects and have a game playing session!

Stephen King

AFLW Girls Football

On Saturday 8 August the Girls AFLW team travelled to Hobart to play Fahan School in a friendly but competitive game. It was a great opportunity to work as a team and introduce some new players to the group. The girls appreciated the support of many parents, families and spectators on the day. A special thank you to Mr Duggan for being our goal umpire on the day and our coach Mr Paul McKendrick.  We had 6 goal kickers and many score involvements from all the group.

Fiona Taylor
Person-in-Charge of Girls Football




With such an outstanding basketball season in Term 1, that came to an end quite abruptly, I am pleased to announce that the Scotch Oakburn’s Senior Firsts Boys have been awarded the NSATIS Premiership for 2020 for their undefeated status. The boys finished on top of the ladder with a 9-0 win/loss ratio against some very tough competition. This is the third NSATIS shield in 5 years for Scotch Oakburn College, having won in 2016 and 2017, and this has really cemented the strong reign that Scotch Oakburn holds in basketball in Northern Tasmania.

Whilst the boys were unfortunately unable to play a home grand final in the HPEC, this shield and premiership title demonstrates their hard work as a team from preparation in Term 4 in 2019 and overall games in Term 1 this year. I congratulate all players and their coach, Rick Wyllie, who have put a tremendous amount of work into both training and games and are definitely deserving of this award.

The team will now play the State Final in the last week of Term 3 (21-25 September). This State Final will be played against the winner of the SSATIS competition and will be held at the winning team’s school in the south.

Natalie Good
Director of Basketball

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