4 September, 2020


Year 10 Masterchef

Throughout this term, students have been learning about and applying design thinking and their creative styling and abilities.

Students completed an assessment task that looked at what it takes to be a chef including the study requirements and qualifications needed to have a successful career in this hard-working industry.

Students had the opportunity to research a chef of their choosing that inspires them, and give a presentation to the class on signature dishes and what these chefs are known for, their inspirations for food design, and also include 2 chosen recipes and food orders from this chef’s repertoire.

Throughout the term we have been working through these recipes, expanding our idea of food literacy, trying new skills, using design thinking, evaluating learning and recreating.

The class has also been practising knife techniques and specialised cuts with a range of ingredients such as Mirepoix, Chiffonade, Brunoise, Julienne, Macedoine, Slicing, Mincing and roll cutting.

Our last practical lesson saw students using specific cutting techniques to prepare fresh raw sashimi tuna for sushi. The colour was a vibrant pink/orange coral, with no scent whatsoever- beautiful and fresh. Many of the students were initially put off by the idea of eating raw fish, but they all gave it a taste, and to their credit, were pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the textural experience as well as the knowledge of its nutritional benefits. A select few were not so fond, choosing instead to sear the tuna to make it more palatable for them to enjoy.

We have some ‘Mystery Box’ practical lessons coming up, requiring students to design a dish from scratch, with no prior knowledge of what ingredients they will walk into the classroom to use. They will have 10 minutes planning and designing time in pairs, using nothing other than their own creativity, no research, no google, no recipe books, nothing. It is truly wonderful seeing what they create and the skills they apply during these lessons.

Lauren Knight

Year 9 Pastry Chef

Students in Year 9 studying The Pastry Chef are embarking on a design opportunity where they are creating a High Tea.

This High Tea has a bit of a twist due to restrictions, so it is a ‘High Tea on the go!’ Each student has created 2 menu items, one savoury and one sweet, and they are working collaboratively to produce an exciting menu, theme, atmosphere, decorations etc. Each student has chosen and invited 2 staff members as their guests to this ‘ on the go’ event.

This class began exploring the idea of High Tea earlier in the Term, but student’s really didn’t know what it was all about. So to provide some background understanding we had an experiential learning activity where we attended a unique experience hosted for us by Cataract on Paterson.

The Chef and Maitre De spoke to the class about considerations with menu options, the organisation of an experience like high tea, variations for dietary requirements, preparation and planning of an event like this, and a time to ask questions whilst we enjoyed some delicious treats and a range of tea’s. We had a wonderful time, and we look forward to sharing some details of our ‘ High Tea on the Go’ event soon.

Lauren Knight

Outdoor Leadership

Last week the TCE Outdoor Leadership class ventured to Freycinet for a three-day bushwalk around the peninsula.

The trip is a mix of beautiful beaches and forests with some challenging climbs to the summit of Mt Freycinet and over Mt Graham.  All the trip planning, logistics, menu planning and risk management was completed by the students, and each took turns in leading different sections of the trip.

Students were assessed on their leadership, decision making, group management, environmental sustainability, and risk management throughout the walk. Every student did an excellent job planning the trip and leading the group. The students’ next leadership opportunity is running an adventure day in mid-September at the Valley Campus for Year 3 & 4 students from Fingal and St Marys Primary schools.

Mark Hassell
Dean of Students


Year 9 Textiles

Year 9 Textiles students have been engaged in several projects this semester involving many skills, including investigation, design processes, planning and sketching, managing and creating, technical skill development and shopping!!

Given the current global pandemic, students made face masks for themselves and then made masks to donate to the Tassie Face Mask Project. Then, in preparation for the summer season, they each created a bucket hat.

Most recently, the class has been looking at sustainable ways of creating fashion. This involved a trip to the Salvation Army Store to purchase a garment that they are currently upcycling or refashioning into something new. Upcycling requires a blend of factors such as environmental awareness, creativity, innovation and hard work and results in a unique sustainable product.

Come and make your own face mask

The textiles room will be open at lunchtime on Fridays (and a few other days – a schedule will be on the Textiles room door). Staff and students are welcome to come along and make their own face mask.

Julie Heggarty


9Alive Program

This week our Year 9 students participated in various activities as part of the Year 9 Alive program.  Students travelled to Fosterville in the Midlands to explore ‘sheep, soil and pastures’ in their quest to gain a greater understanding of the farming decisions and science behind ‘paddock to plate’.    Another group travelled to the northern beaches to collect, sort and record marine debris after visiting Environex, while others participated in the “Community Minded Kids’ program with the aim to increase community and civic participation so that students can contribute and influence communities in different ways.  Finally, while the Indigenous Walking tour and the City experience was modified due to forecast high winds and bad weather, these groups were able to complete some of this valuable learning back at school.  Groups will rotate around the activities in the next fortnight.

Kate Croft
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School


Group Photographs – Friday 11 September

Next Friday 11 September, MSP Photography will be photographing many of our larger groups including House and cultural activity groups. The timetable for the groups is on the ePlanner on The Dash. These photos are used in both the Yearbook and for historical purposes. Please ensure that your son or daughter’s shoes are clean and that they arrive at school wearing full winter uniform including blazer.  Hair should also be neat and tidy as per the rules in the student planner.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Kate Croft
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School


Working on Water

The Working on Water (WoW) program gives students in Years 9-12 an opportunity to find out about careers in the seafood industry.

This year’s Working on Water (WoW) program will be hosted online and there’s still plenty of opportunities to engage with people working in the industry. Students will complete hours of content in the form of short videos and quizzes, and then attend live webinars with industry members.

The video and quiz content explores the seafood and marine resource industry in four sections: marine science and research, marine resource management, the seafood industry, and training and transferable skills. Students will gain an understanding of how the different components of the marine sector operate and find out where to look online for key information relating to careers in the industry. During the live webinars, students will get a look at what it’s really like to work in the seafood industry. They’ll also be able to ask people working in the industry questions about their current roles, how they got there, and what skills and qualifications have been useful in their pathway.

WoW provides students with an authentic experience, seeing and hearing how you can get into different jobs, and what is involved once you are working.

Student applications can be submitted online via the WoW website

Visit the Futures Centre if you have questions.

Teresa Darcy
Careers Advisor / VET Coordinator

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