11 September, 2020


House Debating Competition

During the last two weeks, senior debaters have been vying for 2020 house debating honours. The competition has been fierce and all debates have been of a high standard and very close.

So far Fox House has two wins, Nance and Briggs have one each. There are still two debates to be completed before the finalists are revealed. Dean v Nance will take place this Friday after school at 4.30pm and Nance v Fox at lunchtime on Monday 14 September.  The final will be shown in vertical tutor group on Wednesday 16 September. Thank you to the House Captains for their help organising teams, the senior debaters for their commitment and time and Ms Helen Dosser for her expert adjudication and support of the competition.

Sharon Beattie
Person-in-Charge of Debating


Year 11 Students Host International Zoom Workshop

On Wednesday 9 September, eight Year 11 students gathered in the Dean Centre to host a Zoom Around the World Virtual Postcard event for Round Square centred around the topic of “Traditions of the World”. Joe Clyde and Shanelle Elliott chaired the event and Millie Duigan, Lucy Chesterman, William Scott, Jordan-May Shepherd, Emily Kilby and Jessica Finnigan led breakout Baraza Discussions to address the topic of Traditions: Are they still relevant?

Students from 14 schools in Australia, Japan, India, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Oman, South Africa and the USA took part, with the US students joining the call at 4am. Participants shared an image that represents a tradition from their part of the world and were then invited by Jo and Shanelle to discuss the tradition during the workshop. Examples shared included Australia Day, the Calle Ocho Festival in Miami, the Celebration of Maori New Year, and the Haka from New Zealand, traditional Indian foods and their significance, Bhangra dancing, Pohela Boishakh (Bengali New Year), Athi Devo Bhava (the story behind ‘Guest is God’), Rajo Parba (a festival celebrating womanhood), Indian Heritage Fairs, Serene South India, the Chariot Festival (Rath Yatra), the Vibrant Colours of Punjab, and a wide variety of festivals from different states and cultures across India.

The participants also learnt about Japanese Rice Crackers and Kimonos from Japan, Omani Frankinscence and Omani Coffee, Ekushey February (International Mother Language Day) and cultural festivals from Bangladesh and the Filipino culture of Bayanihan (the community coming together to help one another).

Following the sharing of traditions, students were split into Baraza groups (thanks to the wonders of the Zoom platform) to discuss the relevance of traditions before reconvening to share feedback from their discussions. Feedback on the questions of relevance was very varied with many participants feeling that traditions are mostly still very important to the culture that they come from. There were however strong feelings questioning the validity of traditions that caused harm to others. The negative effect of some traditions on the cultures of indigenous peoples around the world was also a common theme, as was the idea that we should embrace more modern traditions as they often represent progress and change that is necessary in our world.

Congratulations to this impressive group of TCE students on an outstanding event.

Stuart Walls
Round Square Representative


Girls AFLW

This week on Wednesday afternoon, 22 committed and enthusiastic girls competed in a friendly AFLW football game with Launceston Church Grammar School (LCGS). All girls played with skill and energy with both teams well matched and determined to support their teammates.

Sincere thanks to the parents who volunteered, your help is invaluable.

Best on the day were Ruby Hall, Harriet Bingley, Ruby Hirst, Ella Nast; Goals, Bingley 2, Green 1, Hoare 1.
Final score: SOC – 4.3-27 to LCGS – 6.5-41

Fiona Taylor
Person-in-Charge Girls Football

TCE Design and Production

TCE students in the Design and Production class are busily working on their major projects as the year draws to an end. Over 20 students have taken on the challenges of designing and making their own creative projects this year with a broad variety of ideas on display in each class.

Design and Production aims to give each student the opportunity to develop solutions to their own personal design challenge. For their major project, they must create a project that they develop from an idea through to a working prototype or complete product. Student research, sketch, analyse and test their ideas as they would do in a real-world design studio then take what they have learnt to create their own solutions.

Students are encouraged to explore multiple technologies as a maker, from simple timber hand skills and metalwork techniques but also combine more recent technologies available to them such as our CNC router, laser cutter and 3D printers. We currently have one student using the ancient technique of steaming timber to bend it for furniture and another using the more recent, computer-controlled router, to complete their projects.

It has always been one of the most satisfying aspects of teaching Design at Scotch Oakburn College because we have the opportunity to see talented young people explore their most creative side. When given the materials, technology and support and an open brief to create, it is always amazing to see what our TCE students in Design and Production can do. As we do every year, we look forward in anticipation to seeing all the completed work from Design and Production early next term.

Stephen Dobson

Amelie does it again!

Under very unusual circumstances this year, our Junior Foundation Oratory was performed in a near-empty Horton Auditorium on Wednesday 9 September.

Each of our five junior speakers were recorded by our capable IT team and their inspiring speeches were live-streamed into the cosy classrooms of all our tutor groups.  Amelie Hughes (Year 9), Hamish Fyffe (Year 9), Jasmine Irani (Year 9), Kulani Somarathna (Year 8) and Charlotte Ball (Year 8) chose topics that were emotionally packed, informative and inspirational.

Our adjudicators, Mrs Helen Dosser and Year 11 students Jack Oates-Pryor and Alex Munro, had to chew plenty of pencils to decide a winner! And our MC, Dean Power (Year 11), kept everyone on track while Lincoln Giasli (Year 7) performed a delightful classic tune on the piano. In the end, there were two runners up: Kulani and Charlotte, and for the second year in a row, Amelia won the Junior Foundation Oratory.  Thanks to everyone concerned, especially Harry Heathcote in IT who handled the live filming brilliantly.

Katie Lester
Person-in-Charge of Public Speaking


9Alive – Thursday 17 and Friday 18 September

A reminder that all Year 9 students will be participating in 9Alive Part Two next week.  Students should refer to earlier communications about departure times and equipment.

Kate Croft
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School


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