10 February, 2023


Year 9/10 Forensics elective

Forensics as a Year 8 Middle School elective has been very popular over the years, and students have asked for a similar elective in the senior school to deepen and expand their skills and knowledge. This year we are excited to be able to offer Forensics as an elective for Years 9 and 10. The course starts off with a refresher on some of the core forensic skills such as fingerprinting, blood spatter analysis, and examining hairs and fibres. It then branches out into new techniques such as matching glass fragments found on a suspect’s clothes to a crime scene, analysing paint samples to match to a vehicle, detecting art forgery, DNA extraction, bite mark analysis, and many more. This week students examined how blood patterns form differently on different surfaces such as carpet, metal, and wood, and learned how to determine the position of a victim through measuring and analysing the shape of blood droplets.

Mark Hassell
Dean of Students

Australian Junior Chess Championships

Himash Keerthiratne (Year 9) and Harry Lillywhite (Year 10) were invited to play in the 2023 Australian Junior Chess Championship, which took place in Melbourne in January. Both are commended on the courage and skill that they demonstrated as they competed against other young players from across the country. Himash played exceptionally well; he placed seventh nationally in the U14 category, which was the best performance of any Tasmanian player.

Congratulations, Himash and Harry.

Kate Gard
Person-in-Charge of Chess


Year 12 student Charlotte Nettle is completing a School Based Apprenticeship in Cookery with Stillwater restaurant.  She was very lucky to have the opportunity to work at Festivale last weekend with chef Gary Mehigan of Masterchef fame.

Teresa Darcy
Careers Advisor / VET Coordinator

Student Achievements

Water Polo

Congratulations to Ella Fischer (Year 11), who was selected to represent Tasmania in the 2023 U16 Australian Youth Water Polo Championships. The competition was held in Perth, from 15 to 19 January and brought water polo players together across the country. Ella was part of a composite team – the Tasmanian/Tritons – which consisted of  7 Tasmanian players from various clubs around the state, and 5 Western Australian players, all from the Triton Water Polo Club in Perth. The Tasmanian/Tritons played well, finishing in the top 15 teams, one place behind the other Tasmanian team. Ella said it was an amazing opportunity and great experience.

For anyone wishing to start playing water polo competitively, or just for fun or to improve their confidence in the water, social sessions are being held at the UTAS Survival Pool on Wednesday nights, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm, starting 22 February.


Students from a wide range of year levels, as well as Collegians of the College and parents, competed in the Tasmanian Polocrosse Titles recently.

Current students playing were George Willows (Year 9), Jock Johnston (Year 10), Angus Green (Year 10), Isla Willows (Year 7), Lucy Johnston (Year 9), Elsie Green (Year 6),  James Grubb (Year 5), well supported Alex Miller (Year 8) who was unfortunately unable to play. Collegians on the field were Matilda Scott (’16), Georgia Clements (’20), Nic Archer (’08), Will Whishaw (’08), Maddy Oliver (nee Chugg ’09) and Amy Grubb (nee Cleland ’94). Along with current parents Scott Miller and Graeme Green, and past parents Andrew Scott, Catriona Nicholls and Steve Clements.

George Willows was in the winning A grade team for Kentish.
Jock Johnston was in the winning B grade team for Midlands Spurs teaming up with past students Maddy Oliver and Amy Grubb.
Jock Johnston won the best intermediate player of the carnival
Elsie Green won the best sub-junior player of the carnival
Lucy Johnston won the best presented junior of the carnival.

A true community event.

Ali Foot
Head of Sport