25 August, 2023


Celebrating “Wear It Purple Day”

On Tuesday 22 August, Scotch Oakburn College came together in a vibrant celebration of inclusivity and support for LGBTQIA+ youth as the College marked ‘Wear It Purple Day’. This cherished annual charity event saw the campus commemorating with a medley of activities aimed at fostering awareness and understanding. Significant highlights emerged through the eloquent addresses delivered during the Senior School assembly, where a diverse range of voices took the stage. Among these, Jade (Leon) Cleary, a member of the Diversity Club, spoke on the profound significance of Wear It Purple Day. Their words resonated with empowerment, echoing the event’s core essence of acceptance and encouragement for every student – The following is an extract of Leon’s address.

“Today, we celebrate the annual event of Wear It Purple Day, an occasion that carries a significant message of acceptance, support, and unity. This year’s theme, “Write Your Story,” encapsulates the power of individual narratives and the importance of creating an inclusive environment for all.

Wear It Purple Day is more than just wearing a colour; it’s a symbol of our collective commitment to stand against discrimination and to advocate for a safe and respectful space for LGBTQIA+ youth and individuals of all backgrounds. By donning the colour purple, we express our solidarity and reinforce our dedication to fostering a diverse and understanding community.

Having been a part of this school since Kindergarten, I’ve witnessed a remarkable transformation in our school’s culture. Over the years, our community has evolved into one that values diversity, where differences are not only accepted but celebrated. This transformation is a testament to the power of education, empathy, and the open-mindedness that resides within each of us.

Holiday Holcolmbe-James, a founding member of Diversity Club, stated themselves that “even in the short time they ran the club, there was a positive change in the culture of the school which we have continued to foster. They didn’t think we’d ever have the Pride flag flying on the school flagpoles any day of the year and now we celebrate it so openly”.

However, let’s acknowledge that our work doesn’t end here. Wear It Purple Day serves as a reminder that we must continually challenge stereotypes, biases, and exclusion. It’s a call to be proactive allies, to amplify marginalized voices, and to engage in conversations that promote understanding.

As we don our purple attire, let’s carry the spirit of Wear It Purple Day beyond today. Let’s actively seek opportunities to learn from one another, to share our stories, and to stand up against prejudice whenever and wherever we encounter it. By doing so, we contribute to a narrative of unity, acceptance, and progress.

In conclusion, let us be the authors of a story where diversity is cherished, where every voice is valued, and where acceptance is not just a concept, but a living reality.”

Stuart Walls
Head of Senior School

STEAM+ Week of Innovation

During the week of Monday 14 August to 18 August, Year 10 students took part in a program of integrated learning with a STEM focus.  All students experienced a “Design Sprint” to develop their creative and collaborative skills while focusing on a real problem in our world. Students all travelled to UTAS for workshops in university classrooms in order to experience technology in future workplaces.

The theme for the week encouraged Innovation and explored different examples of innovation from members of our community and wider society. An integrated approach to learning allowed students to combine skills and learning from their regular curriculum classes. Students identified a range of areas they were concerned about, including global warming, population pressures and aspects of our environment. They then sought to find simple and achievable solutions that would take a step towards creating change.

Guest speakers during the week included Lisa Miller, Charles Beaumont and Trish Hauesler, with stories of their life journeys. They explored the passions that drive them to make a difference and innovate in different fields, using courage and a willingness to take risks. Their contribution was greatly appreciated.

Students’ work was shared with younger Year 6 students and their peers. The most innovative and best design concepts involved a Greener Greenhouse and creative ideas that could be used to redesign City Park in Launceston, cleaning polluted water and apps that helped connect food waste with better pathways.

Fiona Taylor
STEAM Coordinator

Pat Cronin Foundation

On Tuesday our Senior School students attended sessions delivered by the Pat Cronin Foundation. This foundation’s mission is to end the coward punch through social violence prevention education. The presentations were very educative as well as quite confronting at times and delivered a very clear message about the dangers of coward punches.

Now more than ever it is vital that young people receive information about the consequences of social violence, and most importantly the tools to make wise decisions.

Thank you to Aidan Phelan for his engaging talk and for sharing his personal story which in his own words challenges the “skewed ideals of masculinity”.

To learn more about the Pat Cronin Foundation please click here – About Us | Pat Cronin Foundation.

Kylie Wolstencroft
Director of Wellbeing – Penquite