20 November, 2020


HeadStart to TCE Program for Year 11 and 12 students in 2021

During HeadStart, TCE classes will begin operating according to the 2021 timetable. The program is compulsory for all 2021 TCE students and will begin on Tuesday, 24 November and conclude on Friday, 4 December, which will be the last day of formal classes.  Please note that some students may be required for Celebration rehearsals the following week. HeadStart is an early beginning to the following school year and so the College rules apply, including those concerning uniform and absences. Parents should notify the College of the reason for absence in the usual way.

Year 12 2021

Students should assemble outside the Chapel on Tuesday, 24 November at 9.35am

Year 11 2021

Students should assemble in the Helix at 8.30am on Tuesday 24 November to receive Year 10 exam feedback.

We look forward to welcoming back our senior students on Tuesday.

Kate Croft
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

2021 Calendar

The Scotch Oakburn 2021 Calendar has now been uploaded to the e-Planner.  Please note there may be variations to the e-Planner during the year based on COVID-19 restrictions which may affect venues, times and audiences etc.  The College will endeavour to communicate changes ahead of time should this be the case.

Kate Croft
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School


Year 9 Pastry Chef

Year 9 Pastry Chef students have been working on the creation of a Gingerbread House. They began with planning and researching and then designing what the final product would look like. Once pieces were baked, they used royal icing and piping skills to assemble the base structure, and when this was set dry and stable, they added their roof and finished off their decorations. Finally, wrapped in clear cellophane to finish off the final look.

Students then responded to a series of reflective questions, allowing them to find the value in their learning. The class enjoyed the process, and needless to say, the completed structures are probably all eaten now!

Lauren Knight


Christmas Baking

Year 9 Fast & Tasty students had their first of three lessons on Christmas baking this week. The delicious recipe, ‘ Chocolate Candy Cane Biscuits’ was a real hit!

Within the lesson, students learned about portion control with the sizing of baked goods, and how this can be realised. The students used a small ice cream scoop to portion equal quantities of dough onto a baking tray which resulted in each biscuit being the same size. The decorating consisted of crushing up the candy canes using a Mortar & Pestle, adding a thin layer of chocolate icing, and then sprinkling the broken candy canes on top. The biscuits were crunchy and soft and had a nice chocolate/mint flavour.

Lauren Knight

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