17 February, 2023


Year 9/10 Forensics elective

Have you ever learnt something in school and thought “When am I ever going to use this in real life?”. Well, this week students in the Year 9/10 Forensics electives took their blood spatter analysis to the next level and learnt how to use trigonometry to determine the angle of trajectory of a blood droplet.

By measuring the width and length of blood stains, and applying some basic trigonometry functions, students could establish the angles of impact and run string lines back to the point where the victim would have been positioned. This provides valuable information to a forensic investigator. For example, if a suspect claimed they struck a victim in self-defence because the victim was threatening them, but the blood spatter analysis shows that the victim was lying on the ground when struck, this calls into question the suspect’s story.

Next week we will learn more about hair and fibre analysis. Did you know that many criminals have been caught not from their own hairs they left at the crime scene, but from the hairs of their pets which they inadvertently carried on their clothing and left at the scene?

Mark Hassell
Dean of Students


We have had a very successful start to our 2023 basketball program with many teams already playing two rounds of their rosters. This weekend will see a full day of games at the Elphin Sports Centre where our teams will compete in the NSATIS Lightning Games on Saturday 18 February. Many of our teams play three of their roster matches in Firsts and Seconds (Girls and Boys).

A huge thank you to the players and their parents for being so supportive of the basketball program. We are currently organising 12 teams for our NSATIS Senior Competitions and will shortly commence 3×3 Basketball Competitions for Year 7 and some Year 8 students set to commence on 23 February.

We are very pleased to announce our student leadership team this year with Captains of Basketball for 2023 being Zoe Bremner, Alice Lindsay and Angus Seymour, and Vice Captain, Alice Power. These students have taken on their leadership positions with great enthusiasm and we are looking forward to working with them for the remainder of this year.

The games taking place tomorrow are listed below and we welcome our community’s support:

A huge thank you to all our players, parents and coaches for supporting the early start of our basketball program and we look forward to some great basketball action tomorrow.

Natalie Good
Director of Basketball