Positivity as Student Leadership shines!

Week 3 in the Senior School has seen students and teachers well settled into 2021 routines and student leaders establishing themselves in their new roles. A special mention goes to the Student Executive who have wholeheartedly embraced their roles in a very short space of time. Meeting with the College Captains each Monday and the entire Student Executive each Tuesday are highlights of my week. Their enthusiasm to ensure that the Scotch Oakburn environment continues to be a positive environment for all is infectious.

Assemblies on Mondays are once again becoming an important time to gather and focus on College culture. Jack Oates-Pryor and Lucy Chesterman are responsible for the TCE assemblies while Ellie Muller and Oscar Edwards have volunteered to take on the responsibility of coordinating the Year 9/10 assemblies on the Helix terraces. Their role is to work with Year 10 students and help them to develop their leadership skills.

Carl Els and Jessica Finnigan organised the first whole of Penquite gathering in almost 12 months as Round Square celebrated Lunar New Year last Friday in the HPEC. Many thanks to Sam Chan who shared his reflections on what this important time of year means to him and his family in Hong Kong. This formal gathering was followed at lunch by a very courageous group of TCE students who dressed up in a Lion Dance costume and performed on both the Senior and Middle School Greens, with only a bare minimum of rehearsal.

Student leaders have also started their visits to the Junior School. Year 12 students will visit the Elphin Campus on a rostered basis depending on when they have study lines. This is another great opportunity to develop cross-campus relationships. Students will also attend special events in the Junior School, a group have already been part of the Year 5 Leadership Day and others will attend the swimming carnival next week.

The eight House Captains came into their own yesterday as they led students in their houses to show rousing school spirit and competed to see who could soak who the most with an interesting armoury of water weapons. Creativity was evident in the pool as some of the leaders found it easier to complete their laps with the help of inflatable sharks and various other swimming aids. While some of the swimming was serious and many records were broken, the most notable part of the day was that students were enjoying each other’s company and building relationships.

Overall, the Year 12s have set an outstanding tone for the year in these first three weeks and we look forward to their continued positive leadership as 2021 unfolds.

Stuart Walls
Head of Senior School

Year 10 Festive Foods

The Year 10 Festive Foods class is well underway with their hands-on learning in the kitchen, filling the corridors with all sorts of delicious smells!

The class focuses on creating, designing and evaluating a range of dishes and meals that are used for celebrations around the world and learn about the significance of food for various special occasions throughout history and how foods have been changed or adapted to reflect our modern lifestyle. So far they have made Raspberry Souffle, Chocolate Fondant Puddings, a valentines gift box full of yummy treats such as Brownies, Choc Coated Salty Pretzels, Red Velvet Pops and Chinese New Year recipes of Egg dumplings and Pork Spring Rolls. The focus for learning in the coming weeks will see students choose and create their own sweet and savoury recipes for a festive celebration of their choosing. What a great start to the school year!

Lauren Knight


Year 9 Architectural Drawing

Year 9 studying Architectural Drawing this year are designing the layout of an inner-city apartment space for a young professional. This introduces them to the concept of accurate communication through their drawings. They will then start to look at methods of showing their design work in 3D form.

Students studying this elective in Year 9 will be exposed to a broad range of concepts and drawing skills used in the documentation of the development of the built environment.  The design process, which is fundamental to all electives in the Technology Department, is used to help students with the concept of designing for human comfort.

Basic sketching techniques, as well as more structured drawing components such as floor plans, elevations and sections, are explored through a range of small in class projects.
Students are encouraged to look at the built environment from a sustainable and energy-efficient point of view and are provided with an insight into the impact of buildings on the global environment.

Classwork is completed in a folio which documents the progress of each student and this elective can also be viewed as a taster for further studied in Year 11/12 where Housing and Design is offered as a pre-tertiary subject.
John Poynter