26 February, 2021


Respect: First Impressions and Lasting Reputation

Respect is something that encompasses many behaviours and considerations in daily college life. The Scotch Oakburn Learner Attributes are fast becoming part of the language of the college and many of these are key dispositions that we all aim to develop if we hope to show respect to the people and the environment that we spend our days in. Collaborative cooperation when working with others, compassion towards those in the community who may be in need, ethical consideration when making choices and decisions, inclusion of all members of the community and demonstrating self-regulation all lead to a healthy respect for the people and the environment we interact with daily.

Now that we are already at the end of Week Four, we have all had time to settle into our spaces and our routines. Earlier this week the Year 9/10s were reminded of their responsibility as young adults, rather than early adolescent middle-schoolers and that this requires them to be self-regulating in their daily behaviours.

The two main Senior School buildings that are designed to be ‘home bases’ for students have very comfortable, modern facilities where students can feel a sense of belonging. Students were reminded that there is an expectation that they respect these spaces by keeping them clean and tidy – the way they find them every morning.

The canteen areas provide students with microwave ovens and toasted sandwich makers – students were reminded that these are a privilege and cleaning them after use is a responsibility.

Students are provided with safe locker areas and places to put additional bags and therefore are responsible to keep those spaces tidy and have respect for all the other people who are using them.

Sports equipment and spaces to play basketball, table-tennis and pool are provided, students were reminded to consider their peers and the equipment and environment they are provided with.

Punctuality is also about respect. Being late for class in the morning, after recess and lunch or any other time, is automatically viewed as disrespectful, unless there is a very good reason. Late arrivals, once a lesson is underway, is very disruptive to the learning of peers and the meticulous planning of teachers.

It was emphasised with students that showing respect is not about obeying rules and suffering consequences if you choose to be disrespectful, it is about the lasting impression one leaves on the people we spend our days with and ultimately the reputation we gain as a result, if the lack of respect becomes a pattern.

Stuart Walls
Head of Senior School


Year 10 Design for an Active Lifestyle

Our Year 10 Design for an Active Lifestyle has started the year well. The class has had its first training sessions in the recumbent bikes as they learn the skills to ride a new type of bike for most of the students. Skills and experience for riding a traditional upright bike are valuable but the recumbent bike still has a few new skills to learn and muscles to strain as they get used to the new seating position and steering techniques.

Students are each working in small teams to improve, re-model and brand their team bike as well as do all the mechanical maintenance to get them running as smoothly as possible for race day later this Term. The track will be around the campus in a continuous relay-style event.

Now in its 16th year at the College, the class is still very popular, as it offers both design challenges, teamwork and an opportunity for students to improve their own fitness and skills in the bikes they have created. I look forward to seeing this class develop over the coming weeks and come together on race day 2021.

Stephen Dobson



Basketball at Scotch Oakburn College commenced the 2021 year in the first week of Term 1! We are currently fielding eight teams in our NSATIS Senior competitions and holding weekly 3×3 Basketball Competitions for Year 7 – 10 Girls and Year 7/8 Boys. We are very pleased to announce our student leadership team this year with Captains of Basketball for 2021. Girls’ Captain is Ashley Reid and Girls’ Vice Captain, India Viney, and the Boys’ Captain is Henry Cox and his Vice Captain, Hamish Auton. They have taken on their leadership positions with great enthusiasm and we are looking forward to working with them for the remainder of this year.

So far this Term our NSATIS teams have been very competitive and our coaches are very impressed with all players’ commitment.

Senior Firsts Boys, coached by Rick Wyllie, are 2 wins and 1 draw, with the short roster this year they will need to secure wins in the final two games to ensure they are well placed for Qualifying Finals. Senior Firsts Girls, coached by Malcolm Gardner, have won 1 and lost 1. They had a very convincing win against Launceston Grammar last week and are approaching their final two games next week before their placings are decided for their finals round. Senior Seconds Boys (Gold), coached by Dylan Warren, have won 2 from 4, with only one game remaining and will need to win that to qualify for the Semi-Finals on 17 March.  Senior Seconds Boys (Blue), coached by Elliott Warren, have played some very competitive games, but are yet to secure a win. Senior Seconds Girls (Blue), coached by Gelinda Dell, have won 3 from 4 and are currently sitting in second place, they will need to win their remaining game on 10 March to hold that spot and qualify for the NSATIS Final. Senior Seconds Girls (Gold), coached by Madi Shaw, have played two games against the top two teams and are hoping to have some success in their remaining games. Our Senior Thirds Boys (Gold), coached by Tim Batten and our Senior Thirds Boys (Blue), coached by Brett de Hayr, have also had some very close matches for their initial games.

 The 3×3 Competitions are progressing really well! All players are very enthusiastic and have played some great basketball, each Thursday night sees a total of 37 3×3 games played from 3.40pm-7.00pm. The coordinators and I are looking forward to more sessions and there will be a final night of games on Thursday 18 March to celebrate all the hard work.

A huge thank you to all our players, parents and coaches for such a successful start to the season and I look forward to bringing you further details of all the action in Basketball as we are approaching our finals series.

Natalie Good
Director of Basketball

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