9 April, 2021


Agile Staff and Students Collaborate during busy Term One

The past ten weeks in the Senior School can only be described as ‘flat-out’ and the newly launched Learner Attributes were more appropriate than we could have ever imagined.  All aspects of our learning programs have been thoroughly accessed by the curious students of Scotch Oakburn. Students engaged in their academic learning from day one, thriving in their inquiry-based investigations of a seemingly endless range of learning areas. Further extension of their curiosity was provided through activities like the Science and Engineering Challenge and the Da Vinci Decathlon. Effective Communication skills were developed through the launch of the debating season, participation in the Lions Youth of the Year and great student success in the public speaking arena. Courage was evident everywhere as students moved out of their comfort zones, no more so than across a very wide range of sporting pursuits and the first of the Education Outdoors programs.

Collaboration by House teams was essential in the successful staging of both the swimming and athletics carnivals in the one term, these were enjoyed more than ever following a COVID year when they were somewhat truncated. Collaborative skills were also important for all the Year 9 students as they worked together on the Southern Tasmania experience and on the completion of the murals with our visiting artist in residence from Ghostpatrol. Students demonstrated their compassion for a range of causes and issues through the hosting of the House chapel services and WAVE sessions. Developing ethical understandings was also part of these events as was the Year 9s privilege to spend a day with Will Smith from JCP Empowering Youth, as they explored the influencers in their lives and assessed their personal ethics.

Inclusivity was a major theme of Term 1 as our community continued to welcome many new students from all over the world, into our increasingly diverse global family. Round Square celebrated Harmony Day, International Women’s Day, Clean Up Australia Day and Lunar New Year, further highlighting the importance of being inclusive of all. This term also marked the launch of Scotch Oakburn’s Inclusivity and Diversity Policy.

The Year 12 Seniors’ Committee demonstrated their creativity by staging a very innovative Masquerade Ball for this year’s College TCE Ball and more widely the College continued to be recognised as a leading educational innovator by being included in the University of Melbourne’s New Metrics Project with 37 other Australian Schools. The launch of SOC2035 has also been lauded by our community as a fresh way of looking at the needs of our learners over the next 15 years.

By being part of such a busy place with so many opportunities on offer, staff and students have demonstrated incredible agility as they have multi-tasked their way through the last ten weeks and moved seamlessly from academic to musician to actor to debater to friend to sports person. Understanding and managing their reactions and responses when often being put under pressure has also demonstrated an ability to be self-regulating. Learning to cope with a wide range of stimuli in one’s environment is a key skill for the busy young people at Scotch Oakburn to master.

I have only managed to mention a sample of the many activities and goings-on that took place in Term 1 in the Senior School; to the many people who made all the opportunities happen we thank you for your unstinting effort in supporting our students. Have a very well-deserved break, we look forward to tackling the Tassie winter with you from 27 April onwards.

Stuart Walls
Head of Senior School

William Scott Wins Northern Final Lions Youth of the Year

In a closely contested regional final, William Scott (Year 12) has now advanced through to the State Final of Lions Youth of the Year!  Dean Power (year 12) won the public speaking section of this rigorous program and was close on his heels.

As one of the more comprehensive public speaking competitions, both boys had submitted lengthy written applications to showcase their academic and wide co-curricular achievements, acts of service and citizenship, interests and hobbies.  With each club and regional final, they were then interviewed at length by different panels of adjudicators, to later speak in front of large gatherings of Lions Club members where they were then judged on their responses to two impromptu questions (with no preparation time) and their five-minute prepared speeches.

This competition is not for the fainthearted!  To their credit, audience members were impressed by their academic and engaging speeches but more than that, they were impressed by their genuine, kind and natural leadership skills over the entire evening.

We wish William all the best at the State Final on Sunday 18 May.

Katie Lester
Person-in-Charge of Public Speaking


Year 9 Software Development

Year 9 students provided some insights into their term of study:

In Software Development I have learned a lot, I had a little experience with Turtle from last year but overall did not know much about programming. I have learned about how to create loops within programmes to ask for how many rounds you want to play etc, using that command you can begin versing the computer in games, such as ‘rock paper scissors’. We have learned how to use integers in code, such as checking if the number typed is in between 1-10 on a scale> This could be hours slept for a sleep programme; if the number typed is in between 1-4 your sleep schedule is not very good and if it is between 7-10 your sleep schedule is very good.  I have learned a lot about software development. I started with no understanding and finishing up Term 1 I have learned all the basics and we are now starting to work on projects that are harder and use longer strings of command. I believe software development is a very useful subject and people may find it hard or boring at the beginning, but later in life, it could be very useful. Some day you might have a job where IT or coding plays a small/big part and it will very helpful if you understand the properties of coding. – Mathew Brock

In Software Development this term with Ms Sun we have gone from little understanding of what Python is, to learning basic Python skills. Some of those skills consist of print functions, creating loops, how to check for certain characters and much more. We have also been using Grok learning to further teach us about coding. Software development is important because in the future people that can code will become more and more important as people use more technology.  – Ronan Cruse

Software Development is a subject that always keeps me engaged and educates me through challenges. I feel this subject is very entertaining and is also a great skill to learn. As time goes on, programming will become essential in daily life. In the future, all tasks will be performed by machines, no matter the profession. So I think software development is a great subject choice.  – Pranav Sundaram

This year in Year 9 Software Development we have begun the process of learning the programming language Python. Python is a high-level programming language with various uses. This term we have learnt the implementation of variables, manipulating user input, and importing and taking advantage of online libraries and modules. We hope to learn about functions and their applications within the coming weeks of class. Learning computer science – or better yet, programming – helps to develop critical and creative thinking ability and should be a subject that all students choose to participate in, regardless of their previous experience or knowledge. – Xavier Nesbit

Round Square Virtual Conference: ‘Sharing a Vision for Leadership’

Five Scotch Oakburn students took part in a Virtual International Conference hosted by Chadwick School which is located near Seoul in South Korea on Thursday 8 April. The focus was on leadership and involved a three-hour engagement with the host students, a range of student keynote speakers from around the world and three break-out Baraza group discussions.

There were 169 delegates from 14 Countries across the global Round Square network. Students from Kenya, Romania, South Africa, Oman, Ghana, Japan, Australia, Tanzania, Pakistan, China, South Korea, United Kingdom, India and New Zealand.

Congratulations to our students – Kate McShane, Stacey Hyland, Eilidh Hamilton, Sally Smith and Montana Lawes, for their participation. These opportunities may not be the same as the real thing, but they are a free experience to interact meaningfully with like-minded peers from all over the world discussing issues that are very relevant to our lives.

There will be more opportunities in Term 2 and beyond – for all age groups. Students wanting to get involved should let Jessica Finnigan, Carl Els, me, Mr Hassell or Mr Goosen know.

Stuart Walls
Head of Senior School



The Scotch Oakburn College Senior Basketball program capped off a great season when it held its annual dinner and presentation evening this week.

Scotch Oakburn featured in two grand finals in Term 1. Winning the NSATIS Senior Girls Seconds Premiership and Runners-Up in the Senior Firsts Boys competition. We also had our Senior Firsts Girls and Senior Seconds Boys – Gold team play in their respective semi-finals. The Senior Seconds Girls team, and their Coach Gelinda Dell, were also presented with their respective Premiership medallions at the dinner.

Best & Fairest, Runners-Up Best & Fairest and Sportsmanship Awards were also presented for each team and we congratulate the following players:

2021 Awards

Best & Fairest
Senior Firsts Boys : Henry Cox
Senior Firsts Girls: Ashleigh Reid
Senior Seconds Boys – Blue: Yossi Miller
Senior Seconds Boys – Gold: Sam Simpson
Senor Seconds Girls – Blue: Chloe Leersen & Tahlia Randall
Senior Seconds Girls – Gold: Paris Creak
Senior Thirds Boys – Blue: Liam Hodgetts
Senior Thirds Boys – Gold: James Robinson

Runner-Up Best & Fairest
Senior Firsts Boys: Hamish Auton & William Scott
Senior Firsts Girls: Zoe Bremner
Senior Seconds Boys – Blue: Lawson Archer
Senior Seconds Boys – Gold: Jai Davies & Oliver Waldron
Senior Seconds Girls – Gold: Jessica Donohue
Senior Thirds Boys – Blue: Iggy Price
Senior Thirds Boys – Gold: Tom Watters

Sportsmanship Awards
Senior Firsts Boys: William Scott
Senior Firsts Girls: Kate McShane
Senior Seconds Boys – Blue: Harrison Gee
Senior Seconds Boys – Gold: Nicholas Chan
Senor Seconds Girls – Blue: Mietta Gray
Senior Seconds Girls – Gold: Sydney Carnie
Senior Thirds Boys – Blue: William Farquhar
Senior Thirds Boys – Gold: Mackenzie Connell

We also farewelled our Year 12 students who have given so much to Basketball during their time at Scotch Oakburn and we thanked them for their excellent contributions.

Term 1 also saw the introduction of our more structured 3×3 Competitions for our Year 7 and 8 Boys and our Year 7-10 girls. These weekly games were very competitive and it was great to see our older students helping to develop our younger players throughout these games. We thank Miss Kate Wallace, Miss Madi Shaw and Mr Dylan Warren and our Basketball Captains for assisting with this program.  These games have provided coaches the opportunity to formulate combined teams for competition later this year.

We now look forward to the remainder of this year, namely the Basketball Tasmania TCE College Championships in July and the Year 7- 10 High School Tournaments in November, and of course the Northern High Schools Association Competition in Term 4 for all Year 7-10 students.

Thank you to all our players, coaches and parents for your continued support of the Basketball program.

Natalie Good
Director of Basketball

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