14 May, 2021


Years 10s Live Tasmania’s Magnificent Environment

Groups of Year 10 students experienced all that Tassie’s stunning environment has to offer this week: the mountains, the rivers, the rain and snow, the sea, the wind, the sun and the clouds. I had the privilege of having daily contact with all the groups and also spending time with two of them. For so many of our students this week will live on in their memory, they will reflect on these experiences in many different ways, but what is certain is that perspectives on their young lives will have changed in some way.

Year 10 students collaborated when they needed to be agile, they showed courage when faced with adversity and compassion towards their peers who may have struggled more than they did. They effectively communicated as they satisfied their curiosity and behaved ethically as they left Tassie’s pristine environment the way that they found it. They learnt about the importance of self-regulation as they understood the value of being inclusive of different viewpoints and abilities.

Some memorable moments for me during my daily satellite phone conversations with our Ed Outdoors leaders included letting Lauren Hayes know that the forecast for her bushwalkers in the Walls of Jerusalem area indicated a temperature minimum of -5 and a maximum of 1 degree Celsius; Luke Hammond informing me that some of the Mountain Bikers in Derby had their tents flooded on Monday and were not impressed by wet sleeping bags, hearing from Mark Munnings that the tide was a bit high at White Water Wall near Freycinet so rock-climbing was on hold for a while – abseiling occurred instead and having daily updates from Steve Jacobs at the Arm River Education Centre about the increasing confidence of students as they navigated the Mersey River rapids.

I was incredibly lucky to spend a day on the Mersey rafting with students and a night on the Ringarooma River around a campfire with the Mountain Bikers.

Witnessing the skill development of our budding raft guides was remarkable. The program provided students with the opportunity to learn to “read the river”. It was awesome to be guided by the students in my boat and watch them learn from their errors and then celebrate each other’s success when they got it right.

The Mountain Biking group were full of healthy banter and showed great respect for each other’s different skill levels. Harry Kilby and Josh Lyne set the bar very high for the group but were super supportive of those that were less experienced at taking on Derby’s tracks.

Congratulations to every student on every program this week, your skillset will have changed but more importantly, your understanding of others would have been enhanced. You will come back to school with new perspectives that will help you to manage your personal schedules better than before.

You will have lived Kurt Hahn’s words: “There is more in you than you think”

Stuart Walls
Head of Senior School


TCE Play – Metamorphoses

The TCE Drama/Theatre Performance Play is Mary Zimmerman’s ‘Metamorphoses’, adapted from the classic Ovid poem Metamorphoses. Students will be performing in the Undercroft area of Middle School under the HPEC next Wednesday 26, Thursday 27 and Friday 28 May, starting at 6.00pm.

There is a rumour that there is a pool on set, which will make for an interesting performance.  Please note that although the play rated rated PG, some content is not appropriate for young viewers.

Entry is by gold coin donation but there are a limited number of seats per performance and bookings are essential.  Go to to book your seats.


Jack wins Northern Rostrum Final

On Saturday 8 May, courage, creativity and teamwork were on show as eight of our students competed in Rostrum Voice of Youth.

Jack Oates Pryor (Yer 12) clinched the crown with another student from Launceston Church Grammar School, so both will now compete at the state final on 19 June, with a potential win and trip to Adelaide for the Nationals in July.  Amelie Hughes (year 10) was hot on the heels of the two boys, winning the Encouragement Award and special mention must be made of Jasmine Irani (year 10), Alysha Carins (Year 12) and Alex Munro (Year 12) for their engaging speeches.

In the Junior Section, Charlotte Oates Pryor (Year 9) and Maddie Hassell (Year 7) made their public speaking debuts, and as nerve-wracking as it was, their speeches were very well received.  Charlotte Ball (Year 9), having more experience under her belt, once again delivered an inspiring speech, this time on empathy.

Having won Rostrum’s State Final in 2020, Dean Power (Year 12) decided to forego his participation this year to let others shine.  Instead, he attended the event for the entire day, quietly and calmly mentoring and inspiring all our students and we were all grateful for his presence.

As one parent said on the day, ‘What a privilege it is to sit in the audience and listen to these talented students.’ They were spot on.

Katie Lester
Person-in-Charge of Public Speaking


Year 10 Festive Foods

Year 10 Festive Foods students are currently working through the design process in creating the ultimate 2-tiered Chocolate Mud Cake with a New Years Eve theme. This task enables students to develop their food manipulation skills in working with fondant icing, tempering and forming the molecular structure of chocolate, some students are using spherification to form small globes to use as decoration, some applying mirror glaze icing and all will be learning about the crumbing layer of buttercream.

An important part of a task like this is that it allows students to not only appreciate the skill level that is often required for cake decorating, but more importantly, that they are able to problem-solve on the go when their initial design doesn’t quite go according to plan. Student’s will need to navigate what has to change very quickly to still achieve their desired outcome. ‘Failure’ is a necessary part of the learning process, as students are able to reflect on what didn’t work and build their learning piece by piece as they reflect and know what they would change for next time. We look forward to sharing the images of the processes and completed cakes with you in Week 4.

Lauren Knight


Girls AFL

The Girls AFLW season has begun with two great wins. On Wednesday 12 May our NSATIS First XVIII  Girls AFL played St Patricks College. The conditions were perfect for football with cool conditions and determined spirits from the girls.

The final score was NSATS Firsts 10 6 66, St. Patricks College 2 1 13.  Best players Bremner Z, Edwards, Bingley, Hall, Jones. Goals – 3 Bingley, 1 goal each Stones, Jones, O’Keefe, Nathan, Nast, Healey.

In addition to our Firsts Team, girls interest in this sport has allowed us to enter a separate local competition each Wednesday afternoon.  We began this roster with a win to our Senior High school team 4 6 30 against Queechy High School 2 4 16. Best players: Jepson, Bingley, Hall, Nast, Dennis. Goals – Jepson E, Hall, Dennis, Nast.

Congratulations on a fantastic start to the playing season with enthusiastic teamwork and a willingness to step in and help where it was needed. Special mention to Mr McKendrick, who coached the two teams on the day.

Fiona Taylor
Person-in-Charge of Girls Football


Coming up in May from the Futures Centre

May             UTAS Years 10 – 12 Virtual Medical Careers Information Evening – Register here

17 – 23 May is National Career Development Week – keep an eye on The Dash and like the Futures Centre Facebook page for valuable information, resources and hints to help you explore your career options!

17 – 19 May – Year 13 Expo, Australia’s biggest digital expo is live this week.

Gain insights into industry, connect with work, study and travel providers, watch 24/7 on demand videos and live sessions daily from 4pm.  Hear from a huge range of speakers ranging from Dr Karl, university students, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, apprentices, CEO’s, tradespeople, health professionals and more!

Register here to be part of this exciting event – Year13 | Find your passion | Plan your future

19 May        ADF Information session lunchtime in the RDSSC

24 May        University College visit (Uni of Melbourne & RMIT Accommodation) lunchtime in the RDSSC

24 May        ANU 2022 Course applications close

25 -28 May  Year 9 Community Service Week Dean & Nance

31 May        St Marks College visit (South Australian University Accommodation) lunchtime in the RDSSC

31 May        Ormond College visit (University of Melbourne Accommodation) lunchtime in the RDSSC

31 May        UTAS 2022 course applications open

If you have any questions about upcoming sessions come and see us in the Futures Centre.

Teresa Darcy
Careers Advisor / VET Coordinator


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