3 March, 2023


Authentic Student Leadership on the Year 7 Valley Campus Experience

Ten enthusiastic Year 10 students assisted the Education Outdoors team and other Scotch Oakburn staff during this week’s Year 7 Valley Campus experience. These young leaders were a key conduit between the staff and Year 7 students, supporting both groups during this very busy program.

The Year 10s were involved in helping to prepare meals, run activities, put up tents and tarps and, most importantly, supported the younger students navigate their way through a new set of challenges.

I was able to spend a day at the Valley Campus and observed these young people in action. While their contribution is highly appreciated and their assistance invaluable, the most rewarding aspect to observe was the development of their own leadership skills. For the Year 10 students involved in all of the Education Outdoors programs as leaders, the experience is like taking an additional class – let’s call it Leadership Learning 101.

Leadership is one of the Round Square IDEALS and the authentic experience that our students gain by volunteering to serve their community in this way will benefit them for many years into the future. At a time when young people are beginning to understand that the development of personal attributes is as important as any mark on a test, these students have grabbed a golden opportunity.

These 10 students have spent the week being collaborative, agile, compassionate, inclusive, and innovative, and have had to communicate effectively like never before. I laughed when one young person said to me that it was really quite difficult to get the Year 7s to focus and listen – what a reality check!

Congratulations and thank you to Ed Fox, Olivia Pedder, Jem Mead, Jack Duncan, Oliver Collins, Euan Farquhar, Shinu Bindal, Ruby Ball, Thomas Johnston and Ruby Hall – you have been excellent role models this week.

Stuart Walls
Head of Senior School

Outdoor Leadership

The TCE Outdoor Leadership students recently completed an overnight trip to the Valley Campus, where they engaged in a range of activities to test their problem-solving, teamwork, leadership and communication skills. The trip had direct links to the theory we have been learning in class and gave the students some real-life leadership experiences to reflect on. Fine weather and a fantastic group of students created a great atmosphere for our first trip of the year.

Mark Hassell
Dean of Students

Girls Cricket joins NSATIS roster

This year we see the introduction of an NSATIS roster for girls senior cricket. Not since 1940, as the Methodist Ladies College, has an official Girls Senior First cricket team existed and played in an official NSATIS competition. An 83-year hiatus.

It is an extremely significant occasion for the College and a very proud time for those playing.

The team is led by Stephanie Dunphy as captain and Zara Richman as vice-captain.

There are currently 46 girls in our cricket program.

Dean Hawkins
Director of Cricket


This rowing season is nearing completion and Scotch Oakburn has yet again had a productive season so far, in terms of both noteworthy wins as well as incredible growth and development of all our athletes.  The Senior Camp, held at Lake Barrington in January, provided rowers with a wonderful opportunity to spend five consecutive days working together with coaches to develop skills and techniques.  Our modified Junior Camp was this year held on the Tamar prior to school resuming.  Coaches saw incredible development after these camps which have put crews in a confident place as they compete in the regattas at the end of the season.

This weekend provides a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to see our rowers in action as they compete in the historical Launceston and Henley Regatta to be held on the Tamar River on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 March.  Royal Park will be the best vantage point.

Our Senior Boys Crews have been highly successful already this season.  At the recent 2023 Tas State Club Championships, the boys won both the Championship U19 Men’s Coxed Four and the Championship Under 21 First VIII. The crew of Rupert Mackenzie, Sam Brown, Matthew Russell, Cameron Parker and Percy Bennett won the Four and were joined by Sven Stopford, Cameron Auton, Hamish Fyffe and George Russell for the VIII.  Both crews were coached by James Russell and Mac Cameron.

Catherine Scott