From the Senior School


1 May, 2020


Welcome to Term 2

Welcome to soc@home in Term 2.  I hope you have all had a refreshing ‘screen free’ break and are ready for a great term of learning.  On the Penquite Campus, the first day of p-learning is on Tuesday 5 May.  Students should log on to Microsoft Teams at 9.00am.

Over the fortnight, your Tutor will be in contact to have a Teams chat with students in their year level.  During the p-learning day, after Tutor Group meeting, students are encouraged to choose activities that fall into the ‘p’ categories (personal, pastoral, planning, preparation, passion).  This will look a little different at every year level but whatever the plan for this day, we strongly encourage you to break up the routine with some exercise, fresh air and take some time away from your screen.  It is a good chance to catch up on assignments or to get your teeth into a project of interest.

Kate Croft
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School


A message from our Round Square Chairs

The Round Square team would like to gauge interest in how Round Square can be accessed and addressed in the current, at-home environment. We have designed and created a Dash page specifically for students and other members of the community which can be easily accessed from personal devices.

This gives us the opportunity to continue things such as Round Square discussion and the associated enterprising endeavours. On the new Round Square Dash page, there is an opportunity to contribute to the discussion on current topics such as “risk taking”.  Topics will be changed regularly based on relevant issues. In doing so, we would like to encourage the use of this page to highlight any arising issues and/or opinions. A blog format has been set up that can be accessed at any time. There is no pressure to attend meetings, the discussion has no short-term time limits.  We encourage members of the Scotch Oakburn community to give it a try.

Visit the page on The Dash here.

Weekly Zoom meetings

On another note, Scotch Oakburn College is involved in a series of events involving many Round Square schools from around the world. Weekly Zoom meetings have been organised periodically over the next few weeks, where each school involved will get the opportunity to demonstrate a performance or facilitate a cultural discussion. We are asking for four representatives each week to attend and participate in these meetings. For our contribution, we will be putting together a video of Scotch Oakburn students isolating effectively and getting outside. In the next few weeks, there will be some more information on how people can contribute to this.

Make sure to keep an eye on the Round Square dash page and the College news to keep up to date with this.

We look forward to seeing your contributions. Stay happy and be safe!

Alex Phillips, Theo Ives, Scarlett Veevers and Roo Colley
Round Square Chairs and Deputy Chairs



A message from the Student Executive

Soc@home continues and we wanted to keep the Talent Quest open a little longer. We know you still have some incredible skills to share! Thanks to everyone who has already submitted a fantastic entry!

As a little bit of fun, and for some friendly competition we have decided to up the stakes! The Talent Quest will contribute House points on the basis of participation as well. The House with the most entries will gain extra points!

So spend some time over the weekend or on your p-learning days to show us what you can do; be it acting, singing, dancing, gymnastics, comedy, or just some trick shots. Be creative, we have already been very impressed and can’t wait to see what else the college community is involved in.

The new closing date is Sunday 10 May! Please submit those wonderful entries to the dropbox on your House Dash page.

We miss you and can’t wait to see all of your talents!


Year 10 English – Creating an evil character

After studying Schindler’s List in Term 1, students were asked to create their own antagonist.  This included a 3D model and character profile.

This is Alex Whelan’s wood carving of Laser Beam Bill, a character who can shoot lasers from his eyes and destroy towers and planes out of the sky.

Under the supervision of his father, Alex cleverly used a chainsaw and wood on his property. A wonderful example of taking learning outside the classroom.

Katie Lester
English Teacher















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