19 November, 2021


Year 10 Pinnacle Experiences

I had the pleasure of spending a few days with our Year 10s this week as they tackled their Education Outdoors Pinnacle Program. My two days with colleagues and students reminded me of the incredible life experiences that our students are offered when they embark on their annual Education Outdoors opportunity. These incredibly well planned, highly organised programs often spark a passion for our young people that stays with them for life. One thing is certain, these memorable experiences are so much more than a camp.

One group spent the week based out at the Arm River Education Centre in the Mersey Valley. They have spent the week White Water Rafting with a team of professional guides who have taught them the skills needed to navigate the rapids in large eight-man rafts, smaller two-man rafts and one-man kayaks. On Monday they woke up to a winter wonderland, providing an opportunity for some snowball fights but by Wednesday when I was with them it was 18 degrees with bright sunshine. The feedback from the team of teachers and guides regarding the willingness of students to hone their skills and cooperate as a team was incredibly positive. I witnessed students that look ready to take on the Franklin, no surprise after spending a week with highly experienced passionate river guides.

On Thursday I shared the excitement with the Caving and Canyoning group, led by colleague Steve Jacobs, who is a passionate caving guide himself. During the week this group of young people visited three different wild caves, one tourist cave and spent a day canyoning, all in the North-West of Tassie. The students explored Sassafras, Baldock’s, Honeycomb and Marakoopa caves. On my day with them, the students were very keen to show off their cave guiding skills and share the immense knowledge that they had learnt about the extensive, fragile karst environment that they have spent the week in.

On behalf of the Year 10 community, I extend a massive thank you to all members of our very highly qualified Education Outdoors team who care so much about the unique experiences that our students get to take part in.

Stuart Walls
Head of Senior School

Year 10 Work Experience

This week 64 Year 10 students have been out in the “real world” of work, experiencing a wide variety of occupations in over 90 workplaces around Launceston, and in other parts of Tasmania.   Teaching, veterinary science, professional writing, trades, hospitality, aquaculture, agriculture, health professions, architecture, engineering … the huge variety of career options being investigated during our work experience week has given students the opportunity to “test drive” future career ideas, as well as providing valuable learning with regard to their understanding of education and training pathways.  This experience inevitably results in students returning to school with a renewed appreciation of the value and relevance of their learning, in preparation for their TCE years and beyond.

Judy Poynter
Year 10 Work Experience Coordinator


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