4 February, 2022


Welcome, tahwattya, Bienvenue, 欢迎,ようこそ,स्वागत हे, bem vinda,  ဝမ်းသာစွာနှုတ်ဆက်ခြင်း, स्वागतम, Ksolok Bodik Mai

A very warm welcome to 2022, to all members of the Senior School community. A particular welcome to the 31 new students, and their families, that have joined us in Years 9-12. I have tried to include a welcome in a range of languages above, including those of our new students. My humblest apologies if I have got any of these wrong or if I have left any out. Our multicultural diversity continues to grow and enhance the Scotch Oakburn experience.

We welcome eight new students into Year 9, nine new students into Year 10, and fourteen new students into TCE. Our new families hail from all over Tasmania, from across Bass Strait and from around the world. A very special welcome to all Year 9 students as you are all new in the Senior School and we know that your journey through the next four years will be an exciting time in your lives.

While the first three days have been very busy, they have also been very calm with students and staff negotiating much that is new. It is a credit to all involved that the year has got off to such a smooth start; thank you!

Yesterday we celebrated the immense successes of the cohort of 2021 at the Honours Assembly and following this all 2022 TCE students were engaged in a Leadership Day. The Year 11 students spent the rest of the day with their Heads of House getting to know each other and planning House Chapel Services. I had the pleasure of working with the Year 12s as they participated in a range of leadership activities with Mr Mark Hassell, Mrs Joy Russell and myself. The energy in the group was palpable and set the tone for an exciting year, led by this wonderful group of young people.

We are very excited about working with all our Senior School students to help them achieve their personal success in many different pursuits over the coming year. We recognise that for each and every student this success will be different. Whether our students are passionate about music, drama, sports, academics, dance, chess, art or anything else we hope that their learning journey ignites further passion, and we also hope that they try some new activities that they may not have considered before.

Enjoy the balmy summer weather and have a wonderful weekend.

Stuart Walls
Head of Senior School

Maths and Science Tutor session commencing

Maths and Science after school tutor session will begin next week (Week 1).

Maths sessions will be held on Mondays at 3.45pm to 5.00pm in Helix (room HX1-6) and will be hosted by Mr Ian Britcliffe.

Maths and Science sessions will be held on Thursdays at 3.45pm to 5.00pm in Helix (room HX1-6), hosted by Dr Anna Waites.

Students will sign in when they arrive (no prior notice needed) and should bring their work from class that they will work on.

Anne Waites
Head of Mathematics and Science