From the Senior School


15 May, 2020


p-learning day – Week 4

A reminder that the next p-learning day is on Thursday 21 May with the Vertical Tutor group session at 9am.  All students will need to do their EI Pulse Survey during their VTG session.  This data is invaluable for the College to monitor individual student wellbeing and also to give a snapshot of how cohorts are tracking.  Also on the p-leaning day, students in Years 10,11 and 12 are lucky enough to be able to participate in the 45 minute Paul Dillon (drug and alcohol educator) session. Students will receive a link to this live Webinar on their Dash page and attendance will be done through MS Teams.

Kate Croft
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School


Student Leadership

Thank you to the House Captains and the other members of the Student Executive who spent many hours behind the scenes planning and judging the amazing entries to the Virtual Talent Quest.  It was wonderful to see such talented students of all ages participate.  Well done to Briggs House for having the highest participation rate. You can view a selection of the entries from each House in the separate article below.  We look forward to seeing the trick shot entries rolling in.

Kate Croft
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

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