14 April, 2022


Japanese Calligraphy

This week Senior School students of Japanese have been honing their calligraphy skills to ultimately put in a submission for the Japanese Tasmanian Calligraphy competition.

Year 9 students tried their hand at inking the kanji for “grove”, which is made up of three trees together.  The more Senior Students tackled the technical shape and strokes in the kanji meaning ‘to think’.

It would be fair to say that all students persevered to produce entries for the upcoming competition.  Many thanks to Japanese Assistant, Miwa, for her expertise and guidance in this area.

Jenny Burbury
Coordinator of Japanese

Year 9/10 Robotics

This term, students in Year 9/10 Intelligent Systems and Robotics have been introduced to VEX V5 Educational Robotics System, which encourage creativity, teamwork, leadership, passion, and problem-solving among groups beyond computer science and engineering principles.

Students built the robot from scratch and have completed many challenges. In the Robosoccer Competition Challenge, students designed attachments to their robots to dribble a soccer ball. In Medbot Challenge, students programmed the robot to drive forward or in reverse to make deliveries on a hospital floor.

In the Bowling Strike Challenge, students learnt about momentum and energy transfer through changing different velocity in their robot program. In It’s A Draw Challenge, students completed the final build of the robot which was to add an arm and claw, and practiced drawing using the controller.

Next term will see students use more advanced skills to program the robots to drive, grab things using the arm and claw to complete multiple challenges.

Lei Sun
Teacher of Chinese and Digital Technologies

Da Vinci Decathlon

Congratulations to our Year 9 – 11 Da Vinci Decathlon team who were overall 2022 Tasmanian winners of the recent competition. All team members worked their way through the various challenges of the day, which certainly paid off.

The team consisted were George de Hayr, Clair Russell, Amelie Hughes, Lincoln Giasli, Madeline Mitchell, Lily Ayre and George Furzer. Additional team members Mitchell Fulton and Thomas Gleeson unfortunately missed the competition due to isolating.

Congratulation again to the team, and thank you to all involved in supporting this activity.

Gina Slevec
Coordinator of Extension and Enrichment