20 May, 2022


Year 10 Work Experience

This week, 39 Year 10 students have been out in the “real world” of work, experiencing a wide variety of occupations in almost 50 workplaces around Launceston, across Tasmania, and on the mainland.

Teaching, veterinary science, trades, hospitality, hairdressing, agriculture, health professions, architecture, engineering … the huge variety of career options being investigated during our work experience week has given students the opportunity to test drive future career ideas, as well as providing valuable learning with regard to their understanding of education and training pathways.

This experience inevitably results in students returning to school with a renewed appreciation of the value and relevance of their learning, in preparation for their TCE years and beyond.

Judy Poynter
Year 10 Work Experience Coordinator

Senior Debating Roster

Wednesday 18 May was the 11th and final round of the Northern Colleges Debating Competition. This year, Scotch Oakburn College fielded four excellent TCE teams, who have gone from strength to strength with each passing week. All debaters represented the College with distinction. This competition saw SOC 1 became the overall winners of the 2022 shield and SOC 3 were equal runners-up.

Special thanks to Ms Helen Dosser for hosting last night’s final round and for her excellent mentoring of these speakers as they have developed through the years.

Next week,  Friday 27 May and Saturday 28 May, our debaters will be contesting the annual Parliamentary Shield at St Patricks College. The debates will take place at 2.30pm, 5.10pm and 7.10pm on Friday and 10.10am on Saturday morning. Finals will be in the afternoon. The teams would appreciate your support.

Sharon Beattie
PIC Debating

TCE Ball

Attention: this is highly classified information for senior personnel only!

As of Saturday 14 May, at precisely 1930 hours, operation ‘007 TCE Ball’ was in effect at the Country Club Casino.

This report pertains to the top-secret details of the night’s events, and the relevant debrief for all agents involved. The operation was a coordinated strategy devised by the Q division (otherwise known as the Seniors Committee).

Planning began in February, and preliminary operations began in the few weeks prior to the event, with diligence and continued cooperation between team members – even outside of their operational hours (raise in agent pay has yet to be determined).

The event in question called into action the various agents and correspondents of the Scotch Oakburn ‘Training Combat Enterprise’ or ‘TCE’ cohort (figures, descriptions and photographs will be available for authorised personnel only).

The night called on the talents of the Q Division Chairs (Agents Oliver Lindsay and Georgia Taylor), ‘Protectorate in Command’ or ‘PIC’ Agent M (Ms. Roy Russell), and live musical entertainment was provided by the entertainment division otherwise known by the codename Odysseus.

Further, the camouflage division, with head agent Ms. Carmel Dilger, provided perfect cover for surveillance operatives (the ‘Personal Attentive Rangers Engaged in Teaching Stuff’ or ‘PARENTS’).

Field reports at the event describe an amiable atmosphere, but also tell of riotous attitudes in response to musical stimuli, resulting in wild behaviour in sector ‘Dancefloor’ of the venue.

However, final reports suggest that the mission ‘007 TCE Ball’ was a success and an enjoyable evening for all attending parties.

Aiden Tripathi, Amelia Donaldson, Cadence Brown and Jess Donahue
Seniors Committee Members