30 June, 2022


Celebrating Student Success

As we come to the end of a very busy term, with TCE students engaged in mid-year examinations,  this week our Year 10 Leaders had the opportunity to lead and present at the Senior School Assembly and Round Square Forum. Students chose the themes, Celebrating Student Success for assembly, whilst the theme for Round Square was NAIDOC (Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!).

In assembly, students presented an array of examples of student involvement and achievement, including individual performances from a flautist and a vocalist, the delivery of a speech espousing the benefits of the Work Experience program and a Community Service presentation. On both occasions, it was wonderful to see many of the College Attributes in action: Agility, Collaboration, Courage and Effective Communication. Through these presentations and other activities such as the Food Trucks provided in the Helix, Year 9 and 10 Camps, Music and Drama Productions, Public Speaking and Debating and the Sports Programs, our students continue to develop as lifelong learners, demonstrating integrity, inclusivity, resilience and diversity.

Next term we have the opportunity to develop further these attributes with the first five weeks devoted to House Singing in preparation for the much anticipated House Singing Competition later in August. In the meantime, our students have a well-deserved three week break, where they have the opportunity to reflect on their achievements and rest and recuperate in preparation for the implementation of a new set of goals and aspirations. I wish all families a wonderful break and look forward to students returning refreshed and rested, ready to embrace a new Term of learning, adventure and challenge.

Jane Gregg
Acting Head of Senior School

Year 9 Aurora

The Year 9 Education Outdoors ‘Aurora – Bushwalking Program’ was at Freycinet this year.  Students lead in the decision-making process, manage their food and take on leadership roles in their bushwalking group. Student Mollie Gray wrote some highlights:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Freycinet camp this year. I was challenged in many aspects including both my physical and mental abilities. Some of my highlights throughout the trip included getting to know other peers on a deeper level, as the group was smaller than in previous years, and reaching the summit of Mt Amos, as it was a challenging climb but was very rewarding when we reached the top. The descent from Mt Amos was also another highlight as it was a very big challenge. Overall, I really recommend the Freycinet Year 9 program.” 

Nuccia Rantieri
Education Outdoors

Choosing your attitude

Last week I was the phone contact person for the Year 9 Education Outdoors bushwalking program. Each evening the Outdoors staff would call in from the field and we would discuss their day, the wellbeing of the group, the latest weather forecast, and plans for the following day. It was a challenging week with a mix of rain, cold temperatures, and muddy trails, but when we would discuss how the students were doing, the staff were so impressed with the positive attitudes and resilience shown by our students. Across the board the Year 9’s were very supportive and encouraging of each other, they would approach challenges with optimism and determination, and they would create a fun and positive atmosphere, regardless of the conditions. One staff member, after a long day of hiking, described his group with one word: inspirational.

This is a great life lesson about the power of choosing your attitude. No matter what the circumstances, we have the freedom to choose our own attitude and to make the best of whatever situation we find ourselves in. It is a credit to our students to see them rise to the occasion and have a fantastic week outdoors, regardless of the conditions.

Mark Hassell
Dean of Students