9 September, 2022


‘It Takes a Spark’ STEM Conference

We were fortunate to travel to Devonport on Friday 2 September to present at the ‘It Takes A Spark’ STEM conference hosted at St Brendan Shaw. The conference was an extension of our Semester 1 Combined Elective, STEAM Extended, allowing us to create three different projects with the Arduino Uno hardware and software provided. Developing the prototypes involved coding and creating circuits to realise unique designs, which were then presented as an interactive station representative of our College to engage students from schools across the state.

The day consisted of a multitude of miniature design workshops ranging from biomimicry to astrophysics, two guest speakers working in STEM fields, and the opportunity to explore the works of other companies. The conference was centred around the necessity of STEM in the workplace, and the ways in which various businesses utilise STEM every day. The Tasmanian forestry industry represented itself through an array of engineering puzzles, while mechanical engineering was represented through its competitive welding station. Students enjoyed the variety of stations presented by schools and businesses alike, each project a tactile and interactive insight into the industry it represented. Overall, the STEM conference was a wonderful experience, one which we recommend to all students interested in STEAM.

Amelia Corrigan, Bridie Findlay, Ella Fischer, Millie O’Sign, Kulani Somarathna
Year 9 and 10 students

Outdoor Leadership

This week the TCE Outdoor Leadership students planned and conducted a day of team-building activities at the Valley Campus for students from St Marys and Bicheno primary schools.

The Outdoor Leadership students went out to the Valley the afternoon prior to set up and rehearse the activities, and then the primary students arrived the next day. They were very excited and enthusiastic and were fully engaged in the program that our students had planned for them. It was a great day that provided an authentic leadership experience for our students and a fun day of teamwork and group bonding for the primary students.

Mark Hassell
Dean of Students

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