Moderation Day and NSATIS Swimming

There are no timetabled classes on Tuesday 10 March for Year 10, 11 and 12 due to state-wide moderation meetings. Please note on the same day, students representing the College at the NSATIS Swimming Carnival will be required to attend the carnival at the Launceston Aquatic Centre.


Fox Chapel

Congratulations to the Year 11 Fox students who planned and led an excellent Chapel service last night.  Collectively they spoke on the theme of tenacity.  Tenacity is one of the Round Square Discoveries and the students were able to describe their ability to persevere when confronted with challenges and learn from their mistakes.  Congratulations on a great team effort presenting very meaningful and engaging service.

A reminder of the following dates for other Houses

Nance: Tuesday 3 March – 5.45pm
Dean: Thursday 5 March – 5.45pm

All students are expected to attend their House Chapel and families are warmly invited to attend Chapel and have supper afterwards in the Briggs House Dining Room to meet the Tutors and Heads of House.


Student Drivers & Passengers

This week, parents of students in Years 11 and 12 have been emailed a link to the online driver/passenger permission form.  For the safety of our students, we ask parents to let us know if their child is driving to school, school sports, etc and whether they have permission to transport other students at the College.  Likewise, we ask parents of students who wish to travel with another student driver, to also communicate this to the College.  The form can be found by clicking on this link.


Athletic Spikes

As the athletic season gets ready for the championships, Scotch Oakburn College is also beginning to prepare for the Athletic Carnival on Wednesday 1 April. I know that many people purchase spikes over the journey and after minimal use place them in the back of a cupboard or throw them out. With an athletic squad of around 120 for NSATIS, we would love to make use of any spikes you have lying around that are no longer being used.

If you could pass into Middle or Senior School reception, that would be greatly appreciated.

Paul McKendrick
Head of Health and Physical Education


High School Surf League

Any student in Year 9 or 10 who is interested in representing the College at the High School Surf League 17 March in Penguin should see our Sports Administrator, Mr Rob Jeffery, to express their interest by Wednesday 3 March.  Find out more about the event here.