25 November, 2022


This week the Robert Dean Senior Student Centre was a lively place again after the TCE final examinations concluded and the ‘Headstart to TCE’ program began.

Now halfway through the two-week program, Year 10 and 11 students have begun their 2023 courses as Year 11s and 12s, getting a head start on next year.

The Headstart to TCE program is a valuable time for students to familiarise themselves with their new classes, teachers, peers and environment. For Year 10 students it is the first time they have called the Dean Centre their home and these first weeks also serve to settle in and hopefully reduce any nervousness about the move into TCE.

For the Year 11s, it is an opportunity to begin their role as Year 12 leaders in the College.

This experience is particularly useful for new students as an orientation period, where they can be welcomed into the College, get a better understanding of the campus layout, meet their peers and hopefully alleviate any nervousness about starting a new school. During the program, we have welcomed six new TCE students.

For students who are unsure of choices and pathways, Headstart is invaluable and provides insights into subject complexity and rigour as well as the skills, understandings and attributes that are necessary for success. In the past week alone approximately a quarter of the new TCE cohort have made changes in order to ensure that they have the best possible programs for them as an individual learner for 2023. Experiencing courses now means that the beginning of next year will be far more settled for students and the necessity to make any changes is greatly reduced.

In light of our holistic approach to education, Headstart to TCE is also more than just the academics.  Throughout the program, study lines are used to enhance students’ knowledge and skills in study routines, academic integrity and mental health first aid. In addition, Year 12 students have an opportunity to do a TAFE accredited Barista course or Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA) course. Both options help students gain practical skills and gain qualifications that can be used in the workplace.

Wishing all our 2023 TCE students the best for the last week of the Headstart to TCE program.

Sarah Lillywhite
Director of Curriculum 6-12