25 September, 2020


The 2020 Languages House Carnival format was altered this year and transitioned into a virtual talent show like competition. This did not stop many students uploading various videos of themselves singing, dancing, doing art, cooking, and performing – all in a language other than English! An amazing effort!

For the first time, the Junior School was invited to participate in the competition and there was even a greater range of languages being spoken including German, Japanese, Chinese, French, Indonesian and even Auslan!

The results of the 2020 Carnival are as follows:

Junior School:
1st = Fox
2nd = Briggs
3rd = Nance
4th = Dean

Middle School & Senior School:
1st = Briggs
2nd = Nance
3rd = Dean
4th = Fox

Well done to all those students who participated, and it really highlights both the talent of students at Scotch Oakburn College as well as the diverse linguistic and cultural background of the students and the community.

Leigh Cordell
Head of LOTE

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