4 March, 2022


The 2022 Student Executive has chosen to support a worthwhile charity each term. The focus in Term 1 is on mental health and wellbeing. SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY and The Blue Tree Project are the two charities selected as they align with issues cherished by us. SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY delivers pertinent messages across Australia regarding the significance of mental health and the importance of getting help and supporting one another when times are tough. Their messages are spread at the grass-roots level through education programs and community events that connect everyone.

The Blue Tree Project’s mission is similar to that of SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY as they would like to encourage difficult conversations that help people open up about mental health concerns. Their project is unique as they paint dead trees blue to spread the message that it’s OK to not be OK. The blue painted trees are a beautiful visual reminder in the landscape of their heartfelt message and help remove the stigma associated with mental health.

In support of these charities, the Student Executive are contributing to help spread the message. A Silver Birch tree at Scotch Oakburn Park will be painted blue to help raise awareness about mental health. This tree was originally donated by Ralph and Joan Barnes who have graciously permitted the painting of it. The tree has died and is being repurposed for this important awareness campaign, rather than being removed. To help us paint the tree blue we need paint in the blue shade Billie Jean or Blue Tree from Wattyl. If anyone is able to donate paint or funds to help us buy the paint please contact Mr Stuart Walls at the College by email

Painting the tree is an inclusive exercise not limited to the Student Executive. A roster will be created wherein students from across campuses can assist with painting portions of the tree. This tree will then symbolise the combined efforts of the Scotch Oakburn community in helping spread awareness of mental health and wellbeing and uphold the values of connections, conversations, empathy, and community.

Ishani Kataria
On behalf of Student Executive