28 October, 2022


The annual Inter-House Languages Carnival has become a favourite event amongst both students and staff alike in the Scotch Oakburn Calendar. Contributing towards the Inter-House Cultural Cup, the Languages Carnival was again a key part in determining the winning House in this year’s closely fought House competition.

It was also wonderful to have Junior School students again send a welcome video in a range of the different languages and dialects spoken in our community.

The Languages Carnival sees 24 students, comprising two students representing Chinese, French and Japanese respectively, participating for their House by responding to questions relating to a range of topics including language, food, history/geography and many more. Can you answer a selection of the questions? What food is commonly eaten in Japan before exams for good luck? What is a common Ping Pong ball made of? Which city was the birthplace of the “bouillabaisse”?

It is always pleasing to see students, who may not necessarily normally stand in front of their peers, have this opportunity. An excellent example of multicultural and multi-lingual at Scotch Oakburn College.

The final results were:
1st Place – Briggs House
2nd Place – Nance House
Equal 3rd Place – Dean House and Fox House

Leigh Cordell
Head of Languages