Last weekend the Equestrian team participated in the Northern Schools Dressage competition at Gravelly Beach.   After months of wondering if we would get an inter-schools competition happening this year, we were overjoyed to know that Launceston Pony and Riding Club would host it.

We had some fabulous success in the Teams competition with:
First place in the Senior Teams trophy: Ingrid Bradley, George Furzer, Iona Glover.
Second place in the Senior Teams competition was Bethany Hirst, Ruby Hirst, Maddison Rees.
First place winning the Junior Teams trophy was:  Lucy Johnston, Isla Willows, Oceana Blundstone.
Second place in the Junior Teams was Abbi Lloyd-Bostock, Scarlett Glover, Meg Kilby

In the individual competition; the Grade 1 winner was Ingrid Bradley and second place Bethany Hirst.  The Grade 2 second and third place were won by our riders; Lucy Johnston and George Furzer respectively.  In Grade 3 Junior Isla Willows was second and third place went to Oceana Blundstone.  In the Grade 3 Senior competition, Iona Glover won, with Maddison Rees taking third place and Annabelle Peddie fourth place.

While the team performed strongly, bringing home trophies and ribbons, the success of these events goes well beyond our superb results.  I was touched by the kindness that riders and families showed; it was wonderful to be part of the strong and supportive team spirit that makes Equestrian such a compelling sport.

Joy Russell
Person-in-Charge of Equestrian