Japanese visitor to the College


13 August, 2020


On Thursday many students studying Japanese, from Year 6 to senior students, had the opportunity to work with Ms Yumi Orihara, the Japanese Assistant based in Hobart.  Yumi was in Launceston this week visiting schools.  Students enjoyed activities, including learning a traditional Japanese dance, the Bon Dance.

For some students there can be a moment of nervousness when interacting with a native speaker of the language and it was really pleasing to witness the positive interactions that occurred.  “Will I understand what they are saying?”  “When I speak in Japanese, will I be understood?”  Both of these questions are valid and the answer to both of these questions was a resounding “yes” on this occasion.  Students discovered that they were able to communicate effectively in Japanese with what they know.  We thank  Yumi for coming to visit us and hope to see her again.

Jenny Banbury and Hayley McLeod 





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