10 September, 2021


Four students bravely stood in the Horton Auditorium on Monday 6 September and delivered heartfelt speeches in our Junior Foundation Oratory. Maya Martin (Year 9) spoke of choices and to persist with activities that challenge us, John Skipper (Year 8) spoke of fire and why we should consider indigenous ‘cool fires’ to protect Tasmania this summer, and Charlotte Ball (Year 9) spoke passionately of indigenous reconciliation. But it was Kulani Somarathna (Year 9) who earned the top gong with her speech on ‘dodgeball’ – a metaphor for all of us to work together during these unprecedented times regardless of race.  Charlotte Ball was awarded runner up. We congratulate them all!

Many thanks to Maya Gurudoss as MC, our adjudicators: Mrs Helen Dosser, Jasmine Irani (Year 10) and Alysha Carins (Year 12), and Chi Canty (Year 11) for his beautifully played piano performance as the adjudicators considered their verdict.

We now look forward to our Senior Foundation Oratory for Year 10 – 12 students on Monday 20 September.  It promises to be highly competitive with Dean Power, Will Scott, Amelie Hughes, Alex Munro and Jack Oates Pryor vying for the prize!

Katie Lester
Person-in-Charge of Public Speaking

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