16 September, 2022


How will our city be more ‘liveable’ 100 years from now?  This is just one of the concepts being explored in SOC2City22!  The weeklong immersion program includes special guest speakers and five local excursions, all linked to provide a deeper connection to both the concept of liveability and water in our world.  Year 7 students have embraced the learning challenges to think creatively and learn collaboratively.  One of the biggest learning requests from our Middle School students is to have more ‘experiential and hands-on’ learning programs.  SOC2City  is one of the highlights of Year 7 for many students.

One of the learning rewards is witnessing each student find their own approach to the big question, using their learning strengths and prior knowledge to support their new research.  This cross-curriculum program highlights the importance of ‘inter-disciplinary learning’, a key focus for the Middle School community.  SOC2City also provides a wonderful opportunity for further social and emotional connections and builds further rapport with students and staff.  These learning elements are just as important as the research findings as they link our ‘learner attributes’ to the learning experience.  Learning from local experts and then presenting their own findings on how their own city could be more sustainable and liveable in their adult life is for all students, a journey.

On behalf of the Middle School community, I congratulate the Year 7 students on an outstanding week, thank you to our dedicated Year 7 staff and our special guests, Ms Catherine Murdoch and Mr Nick Duigan for their insights and expert views on our SOC2City investigations.  I look forward to seeing, reading and understanding more about our future city designs in the coming weeks!

Ben Green
Head of Middle School