Students from Prep Biggs and Year 2 Bauld led this week’s final 2019 LIVE@Elphin’s for Prep-Year 1 and for Years 2-5 respectively. The presentation skills of students in both classes exemplified the amazing public speaking skill development and personal learning self-belief of students across the Junior School in 2019.

In front of audiences of their peers, other year levels, staff, parents and other family members, students confidently spoke, read, role-played and presented samples of their learning via hard copies and technology. They explained learning strategies they have been employing as they learn and deepen their understanding of reading, writing, spelling, grammar, numeracy, science, humanities, art and physical education.

Collaboration and teamwork, excitement and enthusiasm for learning, and development of age-appropriate independent learning skills were highlights of both sessions this week.

Congratulations to students at all levels on their contributions to LIVE@Elphin (and Connect @Elphin) in 2019. Thank you to all parents and family members who have been able to attend LIVE and Connect during the year to support their children’s personal and academic progress in partnership with the College.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School