5 March, 2021


Throughout the past few weeks, I have been focused on finding the learning ‘gold’ across our College.  This ‘gold’ is when students make real connections, when they understand a concept deeper, or when they place their own prior knowledge into a new environment and reach a goal that exceeds expectations!  This is often referred to as ‘learning how to learn’.  Pleasingly, I notice this very regularly.  Importantly, it is not just students that I observe this ‘gold’, as I have seen many staff, coaches and mentors continuing to learn how to learn.  This is what makes a learning hub thrive, when all members of the community have a pursuit for more learning!

This week, I have enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about myself as a learner with the Year 7 SOC2City community.  Firstly, we adapted to a ‘new’ learning space, our ‘City Campus’, based at the School of Architecture at the University of Tasmania at Inveresk.  Learning environments can be and should be anywhere.  They can be as well-known as City Park, or in the community, for example,  a Mall, or a University Lecture Theatre.  This week many of our learners have been challenged to learn in so many ways, this is very important as we embrace the Scotch Oakburn Learner Attributes.

I noticed students taking on ‘roles’ within a group, using their strengths and interests to help their group achieve learning outcomes.  These ‘attributes’ are critical as our learners adapt to the learning environments of the future.  The key purpose for programs like SOC2City is to provide students with the ingredients to learn, not providing them with a step by step recipe, for that type of learning only limits the outcomes.  I challenge all learners (students, staff, coaches, mentors and parents) to continue to focus on the ingredients (our Learner Attributes) so that more recipes can be created and not followed.

Ben Green
Head of Middle School

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