Before the much-anticipated return of the students, all teaching staff spent four days the previous week engaging in professional learning (PL).  A variety of engaging opportunities were provided including team building activities connecting to some of the Round Square Discoveries, updates from the Principal, Marketing and Admissions and eServices, ‘PL snippets’ presented by other teachers, a fantastic guest speaker and collaborative meeting time.  Whilst all were valuable I want to focus on the ‘PL snippets’, which have been running for a few years now.  The focus for these is to share learning from one to others and they are a favourite amongst the teaching staff for a few reasons:

  • They remind us all that we share the struggle and the hope;
  • They enable us to continue to use our shared experience and language;
  • They showcase our deep level of respect for one another’s professionalism; and
  • It’s fun to learn with and from colleagues!

The teachers presenting snippets spent time during the break preparing.  Some of the great snippets on offer this year included:

  • “Fostering peer interaction in Early Primary settings”;
  • “The Importance of the Middle Years”;
  • “Identity of young people we come to teach”;
  • “Positive behaviour management”;
  • “Looking after yourself:  mind and body”; and
  • “What is school culture and why should I care?”.

It was fabulous to see lifelong learning being lived out in all our teaching staff.  From a new member of teaching staff after the first two days: “It is great to be working in an environment with such passionate and professional teachers!”  It will be exciting to see some of the new learnings (and reminders) from this week being put into action with students as the term unfolds.

Virginia Berechree
Head of Professional Learning, Research and Innovation