30 September, 2022


The northern heat of the annual MAT Mathematics Relay was held at Scotch Oakburn last weekend. Congratulations to the Year 11/12 team comprised of Chi Canty, Cassie Silberberg, Addison Djatschenko and Sandy Wood who came first in their event.

The second Year 11/12 team of Zoe Bremner, Lachie Frame, Zara Richman and Tom Gatenby also did very well, placing third.

In the Year 9/10 event, the two teams of Xavier Nesbit, Charlotte Ball and Nandun Harry Peiris (Jhett Marshall was absent) and Lincoln Giasli, Madeline Mitchell, Varani Harry Peiris and Chloe Robins came equal third – a great achievement.

The Year 7 team of Gina Kumar, Gomanth Lokesh and Ben Giasli (Harriet Woolley was absent) came 8th, while the Year 8s, Himash Keerthiratne, Angus Poulsen and Abel Lim (James Walker unavailable) came 5th.

The Year 6 team comprising Justin Thompson, Lexie Carins, Charlie Johnstone and Finn Harris came 10th out of 23 teams.

Congratulations to all participants on a fantastic weekend of results.

Jane Gregg
Acting Head of Senior School