When: Thursday 20 February 2020

Where: Launceston Aquatic Centre – High Street Launceston

What time: Students should be at the pool by 8.15 am.  The first event is at 8.40 am.  Students are asked to enter and exit through the back gates (near Memorial Hall).  The gates will be open before the carnival; however, if you are there early, you may need to go in through the front entry.  All spectators are asked to enter normally through the front entrance.  On arrival, students should move to their House areas – attendance will then be taken.  Students will be dismissed at 3.30 pm (unless they are catching buses, in which case they will be dismissed earlier). Buses can use the drop off/ pick up zone at the front of Launceston Aquatic (High Street).

What to wear:

  • School Tracksuit / Sports Uniform
  • A plain House-coloured polo top
  • School bathers or a suitable alternative (girls: plain one-piece bathers; boys – plain football or running-style shorts) – girls may also wear a pair of short, plain shorts over their bathers
  • Hat (not required for carnival, as it will be held indoors, but will be useful for when leaving the venue)
  • Students should also bring additional clothing for all weather conditions
  • Students are not permitted to use coloured zinc or body paint if they will be swimming during the day – students who marshall for an event with either coloured zinc or body paint will not be permitted to swim

Food & Drink: Students need to bring enough food and drink for the day.  Access to the café at the centre will not be permitted.  Students will have access to some drinks and snacks from the two vending machines located near the change rooms.  Boarder’s lunches will be delivered to the pool and students will be called to come and collect them when they arrive.

Valuables: Students are encouraged not to bring valuables ( mobiles, jewellery).  If you do bring valuables to the carnival, you must take responsibility for them.  Please get a responsible friend to look after them during your races.

Transport: The arrangements for buses (both morning and afternoon) are outlined below.

Blackstone Heights Bus

AM – Students will be dropped off at the Launceston Aquatic Centre

PM – Bus will depart the Launceston Aquatic Centre at 3:15 pm outside the pool

Cressy Bus

AM – Students will be dropped off at the Launceston Aquatic Centre

Beaconsfield Bus (Manion’s)

AM- Students will be dropped off at Elphin Campus and walk up Claremont Street, Abbott Street and then head up High Street to the Launceston Aquatic Centre

PM- Students will be dismissed from the Launceston Aquatic Centre and walk down to Elphin Campus ready for the bus to depart at 3:25 pm

Country Bus Students (Nile, Evandale, Scottsdale and Longford)

AM – All country bus students are to get off at the Elphin Campus and walk to the Launceston Aquatic Centre via Claremont Street and then Abbott Street.

PM – Students are to catch the College bus from the bus stop at 3:15 pm to the Penquite Campus to connect with normal buses at the normal departure times


AM- Students will be dropped off at the top end of York Street on the Metro Bus stop opposite the Coach House

PM – Students will be collected from the same bus stop opposite the Coach House.  The bus will depart at 3:15 pm

For more information please contact our Sports Administrator, Mr Rob Jeffery on  63363342 or 0408 543 178.

View the event timetable here – Middle and Senior School Swimming event times 2020 – **note that the 50 metre events are first this year