19 November, 2021


Scotch Oakburn College has clear expectations around the non-use of mobile phones by students when at school. That is, once students enter the College, their phone is to be ‘off and away’. If a student brings their mobile phone to school, it is their responsibility to ensure that it is not used while at school. However, it is recognised that there are times when mobile phones can be used for legitimate educational purposes and in those instances, students will be given direct permission by their teacher. Additionally, if a student needs to be given an urgent message, then that can be passed on via the relevant student reception, Junior, Middle or Senior School.

In situations where ‘we’, staff (teaching and non-teaching) experience students using their mobile phones during the school day, we find that as a minimum they are a distraction from learning and in the extreme become a means by which harassment and bullying can occur. Neither of these outcomes are acceptable nor can be allowed to continue due to the negative impact on our students’ learning and wellbeing. Hence, any mobile phone being used without express permission by a staff member will be confiscated, handed to reception and the owner can collect it from the appropriate reception at the end of the day.

Andy Müller

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