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/ Middle School, Senior School

Launceston Running Festival @ 10.45am on Sunday down at the Silos. Please ask Mr Foot if you need help warming up.

AFL girls NHSSA junior team play PHS on Wednesday at SOP at 1.15pm

AFL boys First play SPC at SPC on Saturday 19 June at 1.00pm

Badminton SOC Navy Play SOC gold at SOC on Monday 21 June at 4.15pm (seconds NSATIS final)

Badminton SOC First play SPC Firsts at SPC on Monday 21 June at 4.15pm (Firsts NSATIS final)

No Soccer this long weekend

No Netball this long weekend

No Hockey this long weekend


This Term saw us return to weekly House Chapels in the chapel. I would like to share my gratefulness to all our community for all the dedication and spirit of giving that our students have displayed from all over Penquite Campus, which helped make Chapel experiences for our students and staff refreshing, inclusive, engaging and thoughtful.

Thank you to all concerned, from the musicians (who many times came in at the last minute when others could not be available), WAVE ambassadors, singers, bible readers, prayer givers, and of course the House Captains and their wonderful leading of the College War Cry and Acknowledgement to Country.

We also give a big thank you to Mr Rohan Pryor, the Senior Staff Member of the Uniting Church in Tasmania, who gave us an insight as to how the Uniting Church was able to hold two diverse views on love and marriage and resolve the issue in a way that reinforced that everyone could be heard, belong and included within the one organisation.

One of our big challenges for Chapel is still, of course, our singing, and I am currently in discussion with music departments and Chaplaincies in other Uniting Church Schools around Australia learning what they do and how they approach what their students like to sing.

If anyone has any ideas or favourite music, songs or hymns you would like us to consider for next semester, please email me at  I am looking to select four hymns/songs that we can really get behind and sing with great gusto to match that wonderful war cry we commence our services with now.

From an interfaith point of view, on Wednesday 16 June, Sikhism celebrates one of the great martyrs, Guru Arjun Dev Ji (1563-1606) who was the 5th Guru and the first martyr-guru.  He was responsible for the compilation of the Sikh scriptures in 1604 CE and helped to build the Golden Temple at Amritsar and emphasized that the Sikh way was open to all, regardless of caste.   May these celebrations of memory be ones of safety, joy and peace for all involved.

Have a great long weekend and I look forward to seeing everyone back in Chapel next term.

Rev Grace
College Chaplain


Author:  Michael Grose


Fourteen-year-old William sat heavy-hearted in the chair with his father next to him, with an arm on his shoulder. William was upset and his dad was trying to find out what was bothering him. His voice was quiet, and his words were soothing.

William told his father that a friend had lied about him to a girl in his class. He told her that William had been spreading rumours about her around school. Unable to articulate his shame and disappointment William’s father did so for him. “I guess you feel embarrassed and let down by your friend. I’d be mad as well if something like that happened to me.”

William began to sob as he relaxed into his father’s arms, secure in the knowledge that someone close to him understood how he was feeling. Empathy has a calming effect on young people.

Popular parenting author Steve Biddulph is correct when he wrote that activity is the main language of fathering. Dads use physical touch and play to build relationships and as a tool to develop self-control, teamwork, fairness, and other values.

However, if activity is the only way a man relates to his children, then his impact will be limited. As William’s father discovered, physical touch may provide an entry point but it’s through talking that we get to the heart of matters that bother children and young people.

Anecdotally, talking with kids about their worries and anxieties is still largely a mother’s preserve. Sexuality educators report that mothers do most of the talking when it comes to sexuality, respectful relationships, and consent.

Talking through personal problems with a son or daughter is a new role for many men, especially for a generation whose fathers advised them ‘get on with it’ when problems emerged. Many men feel more comfortable giving advice rather than solace when kids struggle.

The most effective parents are those who adapt to the times in which they live. The COVID-19 era requires parents to be even more patient, calm and focused on children’s wellbeing. Parents need to communicate from their hearts as well as their heads, finding words to support and heal, as well as to advise when children and young people struggle.


Kylie Wolstencroft
Wellbeing Coordinator / Registered Psychologist


/ Middle School, Senior School

Tuesday evening’s Autumn Concert hosted by the Music Captains, Bronte Legro, Alice McLauchlan and Joseph Clyde, once again showcased the exceptional musical talents of Scotch Oakburn College’s music students across the Middle and Senior Schools. It was fabulous to see the College’s musicians on stage for a live concert for the first time in 18 months.

The concert featured outstanding performances from the College bands, choirs and orchestras, which was a celebration of the learning that occurs in rehearsals every week. Congratulations to all of the performers and the College music staff on a wonderful evening. The near-capacity audience was treated to an entertaining evening of music. The skills of all of the performers were a  credit to the ever-growing Music department. This year’s concert was held in Helix due to the renovations to Horton Auditorium and the Performing Arts Centre.

If students wish to join one of the College bands, choirs or orchestras, there are still places available. Please talk with one of the music staff. Should a student be interested in learning to play an instrument, please complete this online form or contact Mrs Helen Carroll (Music Administrator) at

We look forward to welcoming you to the Spring Concert later in the year for our first performance in the renovated Horton Auditorium.

Stephen King
Head of Visual and Performing Arts


The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Association will host its biggest ever virtual event, A Global Celebration, on Thursday 10 June 1pm UTC (11pm AEST).

Join online via this and invite others to watch too! There’s no registration required, just simply click the link and you’ll be one of the thousands joining the Award family from around the world to mark the extraordinary life of The Duke of Edinburgh and the legacy he created through the Award. Together, let’s continue to build on his vision, ensure the future and champion the infinite potential of young people for years to come.

Hosted by UK TV Presenter Rhys Stephenson and joined by HRH Prince Edward, the event will celebrate all things ‘Award’ with stories, music and the launch of something very exciting that you won’t want to miss!

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Simon Dray
Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Coordinator


/ Senior School

Paul Dillon has been working in the area of drug education for the past 25 years. Through his own business, Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA) he has been contracted by many organisations and give regular updates on current drug trends.

He has previously worked with Scotch Oakburn and many school communities to ensure that they have access to good quality information and best practice drug education.

Paul will present a Community Education evening on Monday 7 June discussing Teenagers, alcohol and drugs.  This is a free community event however RSVP’s are essential as COVID restrictions apply.  COVID check-in will be required.

Recommended Audience: Parents and guardians of students in Year 9-12.  This event is open to the wider Launceston community.  If you know of someone who would be interested in attending, please share with them.


RSVP now




/ Junior School

On-Campus Events

Thank you to the many parents and family members who have been able to share their children’s excitement in learning through a number of recent events on the Elphin Campus. This support has a range of positive benefits for the students and the home-school partnership is valued highly by the College.

  • LIVE@Elphin led this week by students in Prep Dray, Prep Biggs and Year 3 Rockliffe
  • Connect @Elphin led last Friday by students in Year 4 Jones and this week by students in Year 5 Hodgetts.
  • Fun Run events for all Prep and Year 1 students this week

On Tuesday next week students in Years 4 and 5 will lead two short music soirees in the Mary Fox Performing Arts Centre. Online registration is required for visitors to these.

  • 1:00-1:30 Flutes, trombones, trumpets and euphonium
  • 2:00-2:30 Percussion and Rhythm Band

It has been wonderful to see the increasing visitor access to school events again this Term. As this continues, all visitors are reminded of the importance of adherence to COVID related protocols, including check-in and sign-in, limits on numbers in designated spaces as signed at entry doors, social distancing, hand sanitising and not attending if unwell. Thank you for your support with this.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School

Cross Country

A team of 48 runners from Years 3-6 will represent the College at the NIJSSA Cross Country Carnival at Windsor Park, Riverside on Wednesday June 9. The program runs from 10:00am -2:30pm.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School


Prep and Year 1 Literacy Opportunities for Parents

All parents with students in Prep or Year 1 have been sent invitations to sessions to learn more about ways in which reading development can be supported at home.

On Tuesday 15 June Year 1 will be staff modelling best practice strategies for literacy learning in their classrooms. Visitors will see a range of experiences that contribute to the strong foundation of literacy skills and understandings that children are developing.  Focus areas include reading fluency and comprehension, vocabulary development, investigations of words and how they are written, and writing skills. A number of sessions are offered in each Year 1 classroom on this day. Online bookings are essential to ensure numbers in rooms meet the required caps.

On Thursday 17 June a session for Prep parents to learn more about ways to support emerging readers at this age will be led by Teachers in the Mary Fox Hall from 2.00pm-2.:45pm. This is timed to enable pick up of students directly afterwards.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School


Traffic at Daily Pick-Up times

Daily pick up traffic at both Claremont St gates and the main Elphin road gate continues to cause some concerns for non-College passing traffic between 3.00pm-3.15pm.

Drivers using the drive-through zones at these gates are requested to arrive from 2.50pm (Early Learning only) and not before 3.00pm for Prep, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5.  These 3 drive-through zones are no parking areas between 2.30pm-3.30pm (as signposted).

For the Elphin Road gate, this allows Early Learning families to pick up from 2.50pm and be gone by 3.00pm. Staff rostered to support students in the handover to vehicles can then ensure the smoothest possible process for Prep and Year 1 pickups – in the order in which vehicles arrive from 3.00pm onwards.

For both Claremont St gates, the quickest and safest process is for a steady flow of pickups from 3.00pm onwards. Rostered staff are at these gates until 3.20pm so not all vehicles need to arrive right at 3.00pm.

The City Council has reminded us of the importance of adhering to normal road rules in these areas. This includes not hindering passing traffic and not parking over driveways.

For families opting to collect students on foot and seeking parking nearby, Cypress St and College St are options where parking is usually available and is only a short walk from the gates.

Thank you for your support through these busy few minutes each day.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School

Northern All Schools Cross Country

Last Saturday 29 May, as part of the School Series Cross Country, Newstead Athletics hosted the Northern All Schools Cross Country.  Scotch Oakburn was very successful in this event with every age group having competitors finish in the top 10, and in most cases the top 3!  I have attached the results of those students finishing in the top 3 as below.

U 7 Boys – 1km       3rd Reuben Derbyshire

U 7 Girls – 1km        2nd Katie Horsman

U 9 Boys – 1km       3rd Lachlan Kleinig

U 9 Girls – 1km        2nd Maia Barritt

U11 Girls – 1.5km     2nd Sarah Horsman    3rd Chloe Hassell

U13 Boys – 2km       1st Ben Giasli

U13 Girls – 2km        2nd Chloe Horsman

U15 Men – 3km        3rd Dougal Fyffe

U15 Women – 3km   1st Sophie Marshall  2nd Bella Shaw  3rd Blaise Fitzallen

U17 Men – 3km        1st Hamish Fyffe   2nd Bryce Lawes

U17 Women – 3km   1st Jasmine Irani   3rd Mackenzie Buck

U20 Men – 3km        1st Alexander Wood

Congratulations to all participants.  A superb effort from all our competitors!

Rachel Buck
Cocurricular Coordinator


Prep Chinese

A snapshot of our lovely Prep students’ Chinese learning this week about seasons and colours via a mini outside treasure hunting lesson!

Doreen Liang

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