Head of Performing Arts, Mr Stephen King provides a run-down of our Middles School’s fabulous performance of Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox.
We also talk to some of the cast about their experience in the show.


/ Junior School

End of Term

Thank you to all Junior School students, families and staff for the energy, commitment and learning that has highlighted a challenging but very productive Term 1. The support of all members of our learning community contributes to the personal development and academic progress of our students more than ever through the current period of background uncertainty in many aspects of our daily lives.

The Easter sentiments of new life, new opportunities and hope offer a guiding light for us all at this time of the year. Best wishes to all for a happy Easter and an exciting school holiday break.

Please note that the Junior School Office will be closed from 4.00pm today until 8.00am Monday 2 May. During this time Penquite Reception is open from 9.00am-4.00pm daily (excluding Public Holidays). Junior School enquiries can be made via this office if needed.

Easter Service

Years 2-5 students attended a short Easter Service led by Chaplain Rev Grace Reynolds this morning. This was held outdoors in Claremont Park, with the perfect weather and idyllic autumnal surrounds providing a very special setting for a time of shared reflections and messages of hope and optimism for all of us.

Vacation Activities

Details of the Vacation Care program at the Elphin Campus, and the registration process for this, can be found on the College website. The program commences on Wednesday 20 April and runs from 8.00am-6.00pm on weekdays, except Public Holidays.

ANZAC Day March

On Monday 25 April, Scotch Oakburn students participating in the Launceston ANZAC Day March includes students from the Junior School along with Middle and Senior School students.

Term 2 starts Tuesday 3 May and Coffee Catch Up

Monday 2 May is a Professional Learning and Planning Day for all teaching staff and Term 2 commences for all students on Tuesday 3 May.  Join us on Tuesday 3 May for a coffee and catch up at Coffee@Laneway from 8.00am -9.00am. Coffee’s on us!

Mothers’ Day Breakfast RSVP Reminder

For students and mothers, or a supportive person in our students lives to come together to celebrate Mothers’ Day.

Due to COVID-19 and public health guidelines, there will be a capacity limit for this event and masks are mandatory. RSVP is Tuesday 3 May. BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School


/ Middle School

Striving for Self Regulation

All Middle School students recently received progress reports, with one key element being the measurement of self-regulation in learning.  Self regulation is the understanding of adapting your approach to learning with consideration of the expectations and behaviours to the learning environment. This adaptability encompasses the ability to stay focused in various settings and to think of others in the learning moment as well as your own learning goals.  Self regulation is an element in all learning, on-campus, at home and in all co-curricular purists, it is definitely a life long attribute for all of us.

Gratitude in Action

During Term 1, the focus of the Resilience Project was upon Gratitude.  As we approach the end of a motivating Term 1, I would like to express gratitude to all staff, families and students for the resilience displayed in our community to maintain learning programs and opportunities during the challenges of COVID-19.  Providing experiences in the Middle School like the Education Outdoors program, House Carnivals, class excursions, sports rosters, choirs, drama performances and Middle School play rehearsals just to name a few that enrich the learning at our College are important ingredients to developing the whole child.

I hope all families and staff enjoy a recharging Easter break.  Thank you to Mr Scott Gillett and Mr Trevor Marson who have both been teaching in the Middle School this term, their contributions are greatly appreciated and we wish them well for the rest of 2022.

Coffee Catch Up, First Day of Term 2

Please join us on the Middle School Plaza for a coffee and a catch up, Wednesday 4 May 8.00am-9.00am. Coffee’s on us!

Ben Green
Head of Middle School

Year 6 Japanese Poster Competition

Our Year 6 students have been busy over the past few weeks creating posters for the JATNET poster competition.  The theme was TORA (2022 Year of the Tiger).

The level of entries was impressive and it was a difficult decision to choose the three finalists to enter the state wide competition.

Charlotte Huang, Lottie Cooke, Flynn McLoughlin and Alfie Palmer

Honorable Mention:
Anika Agarwal and Cassidee Reitsema, Olive Kwan and George Lowe, Pallavi Haribhakth, Trinity Bishop and Anja Jacobs

Hayley McLeod
Teacher of Japanese


/ Senior School

Japanese Calligraphy

This week Senior School students of Japanese have been honing their calligraphy skills to ultimately put in a submission for the Japanese Tasmanian Calligraphy competition.

Year 9 students tried their hand at inking the kanji for “grove”, which is made up of three trees together.  The more Senior Students tackled the technical shape and strokes in the kanji meaning ‘to think’.

It would be fair to say that all students persevered to produce entries for the upcoming competition.  Many thanks to Japanese Assistant, Miwa, for her expertise and guidance in this area.

Jenny Burbury
Coordinator of Japanese

Year 9/10 Robotics

This term, students in Year 9/10 Intelligent Systems and Robotics have been introduced to VEX V5 Educational Robotics System, which encourage creativity, teamwork, leadership, passion, and problem-solving among groups beyond computer science and engineering principles.

Students built the robot from scratch and have completed many challenges. In the Robosoccer Competition Challenge, students designed attachments to their robots to dribble a soccer ball. In Medbot Challenge, students programmed the robot to drive forward or in reverse to make deliveries on a hospital floor.

In the Bowling Strike Challenge, students learnt about momentum and energy transfer through changing different velocity in their robot program. In It’s A Draw Challenge, students completed the final build of the robot which was to add an arm and claw, and practiced drawing using the controller.

Next term will see students use more advanced skills to program the robots to drive, grab things using the arm and claw to complete multiple challenges.

Lei Sun
Teacher of Chinese and Digital Technologies

Da Vinci Decathlon

Congratulations to our Year 9 – 11 Da Vinci Decathlon team who were overall 2022 Tasmanian winners of the recent competition. All team members worked their way through the various challenges of the day, which certainly paid off.

The team consisted were George de Hayr, Clair Russell, Amelie Hughes, Lincoln Giasli, Madeline Mitchell, Lily Ayre and George Furzer. Additional team members Mitchell Fulton and Thomas Gleeson unfortunately missed the competition due to isolating.

Congratulation again to the team, and thank you to all involved in supporting this activity.

Gina Slevec
Coordinator of Extension and Enrichment


2022 Senior and Middle School House Athletics Carnival

Wednesday 6 April saw the 2022 House Athletics Carnival held at St Leonards in excellent conditions. After having our swimming carnival earlier in the term being split in age groups, it was great to have the whole Senior and Middle School together at the one venue, competing in their house groups.

This year we had several records in the program, and I congratulate all students that achieved a record. A special mention of the two father-daughter records;  Mr Cale O’Keefe and Scarlett O’Keefe (Year 11) for Javelin and Mr Charles Beaumont and Claudia Beaumont (Year 8) for Long Jump.

Other records broken included:

F U/17 200m Kate Atherton 27.57
M U/17 700g Javelin Ben Atkins 36.71
F U/17 100m Kate Atherton 13.63
F U/17 500g Javelin Scarlett O’Keefe 23.21
F U/14 Long Jump Claudia Beaumont 4.95
F U/15 500g Javelin Blaise Fitzallen 29.84
F U/15 800m Sophie Marshall 2.20.71
F U/17 400m Kate Atherton 1.02.37
F U/12 4x100m Dean 1.00.55
F U/17 4x100m Fox 58.72
F U/21 1kg Discus Kate McShane 31.2
F U/15 800m Sophie Marshall 5.02.06

Congratulations to our age champions and runner up age champions for 2022.

Girls and Boys Age Champions 2022

Age GroupAge ChampionRunner Up Age Champion
U12 GirlsZoe JarvisPoppy Beaumont
U12 BoysAlfie PalmerCharlie Johnson
U13 GirlsMacie PetterwoodAva Corbould
U13 BoysBen GiasliJames Corbould
U14 GirlsBella ShawClaudia Beaumont
U14 BoysWilliam Nicholls/Lochie PlunkettCharlie Reynolds
U15 GirlsAbbey BerleseBlaise Fitzallen/Mia Green
U15 BoysOliver AtkinsSam Mulford
U16 GirlsMackenzie Buck/Ella NastAnna Day
U16 BoysTom WattersZac Reynolds
U17 GirlsKate AthertonZoe Bremner
U17 BoysCharlie SkipperBen Atkins
U21 GirlsMietta GrayCharlotte Loane
U21 BoysOliver WaldronWill Gray

Obviously, a carnival of 334 events in just under 6.5hours, does not happen without our staff and volunteers that assist on the day. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of the day.

We had a close carnival throughout the day with some excellent participation helping to maximise house points scores:


Lastly, congratulations to all students for their efforts. I hope you all enjoyed the day and it was great to see the house spirit shining as much as it ever has, well done!

AFL Football Trainers Needed

The College is seeking expressions of interest for anyone with a First Aid Certificate and background in football sports training to assist with our Senior Football Fixtures for the 2022 season. For roster information, please click here.

We have a number of fixtures to cover throughout the season. If you could send EOI by email to

Ali Foot
Head of Sport


The Scotch Oakburn College Senior Basketball program capped off a great season when it held its annual dinner and presentation evening last week. We featured in five semi finals and three grand finals in Term 1 and whilst we didn’t end up with a premiership shield this year, that certainly didn’t reflect the efforts and commitment that has been evident from all players and their coaches.

Best & Fairest, Runner Up Best & Fairest and Sportsmanship Awards were also presented at the dinner. For results, please click here.

We farewelled our Year 12 students who have given so much to Basketball during their time at Scotch Oakburn and we thank them for their excellent contributions.

We now look forward to the remainder of this year, namely the Basketball Tasmania TCE College Championships in September and the Year 7- 10 High School Tournaments in November, and of course the Northern High Schools Association Competition in Term 4 for all Year 7-10 students.

Thank you to all our players, coaches and parents for your continued support of the Basketball program.

Natalie Good
Director of Basketball


Earlier in the term I spoke at both Middle and Senior School Assemblies about Faith. The thrust of my message was that regardless of your religious belief, non-belief or purely scientific approach to life, we all have Faith of one kind or another.

I have been fortunate to have travelled through many countries and met people of different cultures, races and religions and what that has reinforced for me is my Faith in the innate goodness of people.

I have Faith that the vast majority of people, when presented with two options, will choose that which is right, that which is good and that which does no harm. I choose to have Faith in people because I would rather think the very best of people and on the rare occasion be proven wrong, than live life assuming the worst of the people I meet.

Given that, I am sure everyone at some stage has experienced a situation where someone does something positive or generous without it being asked for or necessary. The consequence of that act was that we immediately thought better of that person, especially because the action was completely voluntary on that person’s behalf. It may result in the start of a life-long friendship, a strengthening of the bonds of an existing relationship or simply a high point in an otherwise regular day.

I am sure we’ve all heard the saying from the Bible, Matthew, Chapter 7, verse 12, ‘do unto others as you would want them to do unto you’. This is also known as The Golden Rule. This rule, however, is not the sole belief of Christians but is at the core of many of the world’s religions and cultures, the concept appearing prominently in Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Taoism, and Zoroastrianism.

The Islamic faith refers to The Golden Rule as the ethics of reciprocity and says that it is a moral principle which calls upon people to treat others the way they would like to be treated. The Hindu religion states, “This is the sum of duty; do naught unto others what you would not have them do unto you.” Buddhism says, “Treat not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful.” Finally, Judaism states, “Do good to others as you would like good to be done to you. Regard bad for yourself whatever you regard bad for others. Accept that (treatment) from others which you would like others to accept from you. Do not say to others what you do not like to be said to you”.

The important understanding to take away from this is that The Golden Rule informs us how best to live our lives and be good people. This ethic of reciprocity informs and reinforces for us that when a person shows kindness towards you, you are more inclined to do the same to, or for, them or someone else.

There are alternative self-centred philosophies, such as:
• Treat other people the way they treat you.
• Give as good as you get (usually in a negative sense, ie, playing sport).
• Staying one step ahead of the game.
• Looking out for number one.

However, all these alternatives diminish the connection between individuals, sacrifice the good of others for self-serving personal gain, fail to build community and ultimately reinforce the divide between people. All of these are at the root of conflict around the world throughout history. Whereas, treating others the way you would like to be treated, is about focusing on giving rather than receiving and doing service for others. It’s about all of us thinking outwardly and being aware of our actions and how they can positively affect those we interact with. It’s what creates strong communities and provides a sense of belonging for all. This sense of belonging, being known, valued and cared for, is at the core of being a member of the Scotch Oakburn Community.

In living our lives by The Golden Rule and thinking of others first, we inadvertently live a happier, more fulfilling life ourselves.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Andy Müller


Inspiring students to drive innovation through UTAS partnership

“Entrepreneurship is the engine fuelling innovation, employment generation and economic growth…the power that education has in developing the skills that generate an entrepreneurial mindset and in preparing future leaders for solving more complex, interlinked and fast-changing problems” (OECD, Entrepreneurial Education in Practice, 2015)

Facilitating entrepreneurial mindsets at the College is valued and traditionally this has been achieved through business and enterprise opportunities within the curriculum, particularly within the Humanities and Creative Design Industries Departments. Other department areas, plus elective offerings for Years 8-10, have also supplemented skills around business modelling, finance and problem-solving. The Year 10 STEAM+ program also connects to these entrepreneurial ideas.

However, this year, for the first time, the University of Tasmania (UTAS) and Scotch Oakburn College have partnered to offer an Intensive Social Innovation and Enterprise workshop program for students. This workshop has been designed to foster entrepreneurial mindsets through education and, specifically, through experimental, project-based learning. In this way learning will be contextualised and students will be led through relevant problem-solving skills. Key topics of the workshop include:
• Entrepreneurial mindset
• Design thinking
• Learn startup methodology
• Business models
• Pitching

The overarching theme will be Social Innovation: Public and Social Good and students will work with relevant sector stakeholders to help them frame their ideas. The work will be led and facilitated by Mr James Riggall, Senior Industry Fellow at the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics, UTAS.

One core process at the heart of this workshop is the process of Design-Thinking which assists students in finding a framework for devising solutions to problems. Students will work through Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test phases to ultimately plan and refine their solution to a particular challenge associated to the overarching theme.

This workshop, taking place during the July school holidays, will see students based on-site at the College but will engage with guest speakers and off-site visits to relevant locations, including UTAS and business partners.

For this first year the workshop will be offered to students in Years 9 and 10, although future workshops may be delivered to a broader range of year groups in the Middle and Senior Schools. From 2023 there will also be more targeted opportunities for students to explore design-thinking skills through their elective choices, as well as work to embed these in core curriculum offerings where relevant.

The UTAS University Connections Program Entrepreneurship course for TCE students will also be available for our students for 2023 (demand dependant).

Expressions of interest for the Entrepreneurship workshop will be sought from students early in Term 2 with more details available to students and parents at that time.

Sarah Lillywhite
Director of Curriculum Years 6-12

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