Head of Performing Arts, Mr Stephen King provides a run-down of our Middles School’s fabulous performance of Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox.
We also talk to some of the cast about their experience in the show.


/ Middle School, Senior School

Cricket Tasmania Young Community Leader of the Year

WINNER: Quinn Elliott – Launceston Cricket Club

Year 9 Student Quinn Elliott has assisted in the delivery of the Launceston Cricket Club’s Woolworths Cricket Blast (WWCB) program, whilst also developing the ‘Winter Wickets’ program as his EY8 project during 2021. Quinn’s project aimed at bridging the gap between the Cricket Blast program and Stage 1 junior teams throughout the off season. The Winter Wickets program had a significant impact on the increase in the numbers of new players in the Under 12 age group. Quinn also then went on to coach the Launceston Cricket Club Kings team, of which the majority of players came from the Winter Wickets program, and in their first year they had some excellent team and individual results.

Quinn has demonstrated strong affiliations to the SOC learner attributes of Compassion, Innovation and Inclusivity and has set a great example showing how students that are talented in the sporting arena can contribute to the wider benefit of the community.

One can score lots of runs and take many wickets, but these are the awards that really matter in life – Congratulations Quinn!

Stuart Walls
Head of Senior School

Surf Life Saving

Lucy Dennis (Year 10), Grace Culhane (Year 9) and Asha Dawe (Year 9) competed in the Tasmanian Surf Life Saving Surf Sports State Championships in march at Clifton Beach. Lucy took out Gold in the swim event.  Lucy and Grace will now compete at the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships, held on the Gold Coast 4-10 April. They will compete in a range of events including swim, flags, board and ironperson. This is a fantastic opportunity to be part of the largest surf competition in the world with huge numbers of competitors and a fantastic event atmosphere.   Congratulations to all three girls on their success.

Tim Batten
Briggs Head of House


Netball Coach Needed

We are seeking a Netball Coach for our Senior Firsts team this season. The Firsts team will commence mid-week games in Term 3, with pre-season training, twice a week, commencing in Term 2.

If you or someone you know is interested in coaching our Senior Firsts team, please contact me on 6336 3352 or

Justin Clarke
Person-in-Charge of Netball

3000m Event

A reminder for all students Years 6-12; they are invited to participate for House points in the 3000m event held at Scotch Oakburn Park on Monday 4 April. This is part of the Athletics Carnival.

The Girls start at 1.15pm , and the Boys at 1.30pm.

I welcome all students to come and cheer on their fellow Housemates,  if they aren’t participating.

Ali Foot
Head of Sport


Access to technology and information has never been easier than it is now. The ease of checking your email and social media on your mobile device and laptop means that we can access this information on the go easily. However, for parents and guardians this can cause numerous important milestones to navigate with their children. As parents we need to decide what is the correct age?

Other questions include:
·         When do you let children access technology for the first time?
·         What do you let them access at the different age groups?
·         When is your child old enough for their first mobile device?
·         When are they able to play games online with people they don’t know?
·         When are they ready for their first social media platform?

With so many opportunities, we need to think about how we help children navigate these key milestones and develop skills that will help them with the wide world of technology.

Children often have access to connected devices like tablets and smartphones from a very young age. They might enjoy watching a favourite program through streaming services, using educational apps or simply viewing photos with your family and friends.

It is important you set some rules, manage access, and stay involved. There is no reason why your young child should not enjoy the benefits of being online and this will help them establish good habits. Self-regulation is an important value to learn to help children when they become older to know when enough it enough with technology.

There are some great resources around online safety basics and managing time online to help create balance.

Social media has been the largest cause of issues for and between students that I have seen across my years as a teacher and technologist in schools. Generally, issues are due to students accessing these technologies before they are ready for them. Most social media apps require the child to be at least 13 years old, however many students access these much younger before they are mature enough or mentally ready.

The eSafety Guide provided by the Australian government includes clear information about the different benefits and risks associated with how social media is used. Parents and guardians need to be aware and discuss these apps with their child and the website is a great place to educate yourself on the risks of these apps.

It is important once children start using social media to help them understand how to use it appropriately.

·         only ‘friend’ people you know.
·         look at your security and privacy settings.
·         learn how to report any trouble.
·         kept your post strong and proud.

Based on the image above, when presenting to students, I work through those points to help them understand social media and what to do before they post.

With so many important milestones to navigate it can seem overwhelming, help is available at:
Parents | eSafety Commissioner
Home Page SchoolTV | Scotch Oakburn College

Please continue to have lots of conversations and educate yourself and your child around this ever changing technology.

Mr Brendan Vince
Head of eServices


Recently families would have received an email about the upcoming Student Wellbeing and Engagement Survey. This survey will take place over the coming fortnight across Junior (Years 4 and 5 only), Middle and Senior Schools.

This survey is also used across Department of Education schools in Tasmania and will provide us valuable insights to the wellbeing of students at Scotch Oakburn. This will help us make informed decisions around pastoral and wellbeing structures, interventions, events, and support for all students at Scotch Oakburn.

Importantly, each student’s data is de-identified, meaning students can feel confident about the confidentiality of their individual responses.

Information about the survey has been shared with students at assemblies and support materials will be provided to teachers prior to the survey.

On the day of the survey (Thursday 31 March for Senior School, Thursday 7 April for Middle School and in class over the coming fortnight for Junior School), it is important that students have their device fully charged. Students will need to open their Scotch Oakburn email account to access their individual token to complete the survey. E-Services support will be available on the day.

Students can speak with their mentor or class teacher after completing the survey if they require any additional social and emotional support.

Finally, while we hope all students will participate in the survey, students can opt out or complete only some of the questions on the day.

We look forward to reviewing the results of the survey with our community.

Mr Ben Marsland
Deputy Principal


/ Junior School

Harmony Day

Harmony Day was embraced with much excitement in all classes across the Junior School this week. Thank you to all students, staff and families for the support of this, not only with the national costumes from all over the world but also with the conversations and discussions at school and at home about cultural inclusivity and increasing understanding of different beliefs and traditions.


LIVE@Elphin and Connect@Elphin are always an exciting time for the students in the class leading these events. At this time LIVE and Connect are virtual events, meaning that the class preparing their sharing of learning in the usual way and then videoing it for uploading to the class page on The Dash. Parents are able to view it there.

Sharing recent class learning experiences through LIVE and Connect has important learning benefits for students alongside the school-home partnership that it highlights. Reflecting on recent learning helps the development of higher order thinking skills such as making cross-curricular learning connections, synthesising and consolidating key concepts and self-assessing understanding. The process also engages, motivates and empowers learners, builds coping skills and develops effective communication skills.

We trust that families at home enjoy the video presentations and find time to discuss these together. Hopefully we will be able to return to LIVE on campus presentations again before too long.

Elphin Campus Traffic

Concerns regarding traffic issues around the Elphin Campus, particularly in Erina, College and Claremont Streets, were raised with the College by local residents at a Community Consultation meeting this week. Pedestrian safety and compliance with parking regulations during the busy school drop-off and pickup times were central to these concerns.

Road safety for everybody, but particularly younger students when near the street, must be everybody’s priority at all times. This requires close supervision as well as traffic awareness. Parking legally at all times contributes to safety as well as courtesy to other road users including residents with whom we share these streets. Parking should at all times comply with street signs and road markings. This will ensure accessibility to all private driveways.

We all know how busy it can be in the 8.20am-8.45am and 2.50pm-3.15 time slots each day. The combination of school and local commuter traffic (through traffic on Claremont and Erina Streets as well as Elphin Road being one of the city’s busiest arterial routes in the mornings makes this especially busy for a short time.

Things that we can all do to assist students, each other and our school neighbours include:
·         Comply with all road rules and regulations, including when this needs a brief period of patience.
·          Park legally at all times and adhere to the 2 minute standing time in the drive-through zones when using these.
·         Walk or ride to school where possible. This is not only for families who live close to the Campus; others might consider the ‘Park and Walk’ option – park a short distance from the Campus and walk five minutes to or from the gates.
·         Use only the gate allocated to your child’s year level, and where there is more than one child in the family make it a one-stop drop-off or pickup at the gate of the youngest sibling.
·         Spread drop-offs and pickups as much as possible over the full 20-25 minute period.

The College for its part continues to liaise with the City Council Traffic Branch in relation to traffic management in the whole area and has recently sought the assistance of an independent Traffic Management Assessor for a further review of options to improve both road safety and traffic flow efficiency around the Elphin Campus.

All of us contributing and working together will make this a safe and efficient daily process for all.

Mask Wearing at School

All parents and visitors are reminded of the requirement to wear a face mask at all times when indoors at the Elphin Campus. The support of all members of our College community has contributed greatly to the swift reduction of positive covid cases reported across the Elphin Campus this week. Thank you.

Mr Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School


/ Middle School

Be the Captain of your own Ship!

Many students in the Middle School experience rapid change, particularly socially, emotionally and physically.  During this transitional time, often external influences distract them from owning their own course of direction.

During the past week, I have shared with the students a network of social online resources titled Project RockIT, which highlights the importance to be the Captain of your own Ship especially during times of change.  However, like all captains, key areas such as being prepared, reading the conditions, leading by doing and plotting a course aimed towards an achievable goal, are real in all settings.  It is important to have mentors, teammates and guides along the transition, but everyone must still be their own judge towards owning their actions, hence be the captain of your own self.

Year 7 Grandparents and Friends Day – Postponed

The Year 7 Grandparents and Friends Day has been postponed until Friday 28 October due to the College’s current covid policy. Our main priority is the safety and wellbeing of our greater community. We hope to welcome all grandparents and friends to the College in Term 4 for this special event.

Mr Ben Green
Head of Middle School

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