The College cycling team are required to wear the College team kit during their races at the Tasmanian All Schools MTB Championships in May this year. In preparation for this, we will be putting in an order for team kit.

All members of our community, students, parents, teachers and Collegians are also invited to support our cycling team by purchasing their own College cycling kit. Options include a race jersey, knicks and an enduro-style mountain bike jersey. The designs and a size chart can be downloaded on the link below.  There are two styles of chamois in the knicks: Giro for men and Vuelta for women.

Download kit details and order form – SOC Cycling Team Kit 2021

Please email your order by Monday 15 March by completing the order form and including your preferred method of payment, which must be made at the time of ordering. Delivery will take approximately five weeks and an email or text message will be sent when the orders are ready to be collected from the College’s Uniform Shop.

Luke Hammond
Person-in-Charge of Cycling


/ Senior School

2021 Women’s Forum Cooking Master Classes

On Thursday and Friday this week, Year 10 students Charlotte Nettle, Charlie Button, Dana de Bruyn, Amy Holbrook and Montana de Bruyn participated in the 2021 Women’s Forum Master Classes for Cookery. These girls have indicated an interest in this creative industry as a career option, and for 2 days were guided by Executive Chef of Government House Ainstee Wagner, Executive Chef from Country Club Tasmania Rachael Crafar, and leading Pastry Chef/Hospitality teacher, Kirsten Bacon. What a tremendous opportunity for these girls to be guided by 3 of Tasmania’s leading female Chefs in a range of specific skills aimed at increasing and improving their skills in the kitchen. A tremendous effort from these girls. Well done!

Lauren Knight

Year 10 Food Truck

Our brand new Year 10 Food Truck class has hit the ground running! Our unit on Street Food began at the commencement of the term and students so far have made a range of delicious dishes including Thai Sticky Rice with Mango, Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls and Pork Scewers, Banh Mi and Char Kway Teow.

During class time in Week 4 and 5, we had the opportunity for the class to complete a certificate in Coffee Making. Students undertook their learning in partnership with Tas Tafe and now know how to extract coffee, texturise milk, make a range of coffees including Flat White, Latte, Cappuccino Long Black, Macchiato, Vienna Coffee, Affogato, Piccolo. This was a wonderful introduction to Vocational Education.

In the coming weeks, students will be working collaboratively to come up with their own Food Truck concept, create street food menus, look at profit & loss, create an advertisement campaign and cook and sell their menu items. This is a very talented group of students and they are really pushing themselves with their learning, wanting to know more. I congratulate them on their excellent start.

Lauren Knight

From the Futures Centre

Important information and dates you should be aware of this month from the Futures Centre.  Should you have any questions please drop in and see us.

March –       ANU Tuckwell Scholarship applications open this month

March –        Letz Live & Lattitude 2022 Gap Year applications open

March –        Tasmania Police Career Development Applications open now & close April 4

March 1 –    UCAT Registrations and Test Bookings open for Year 12 students considering applying for Medicine or Dentistry. Register here

March 1 –    Year 10 Term 2 Work Experience placement information due. Please contact Ms Poynter with any issues.

March 2 –    ADF Gap Year Applications Open

March 3 –    Australian National University (ANU) University & Scholarship Applications OPEN NOW & close May 24

March 10 –   Tasmania Police Year 11/12 Information and Fitness Practice sessions open for registration. April 6, 2pm and 6pm at YMCA Abbott Street Newstead. Email expression of interest to

March 17 –   UNSW Medicine Online Information Session 6:30pm.  Register here

March 17 –   UTAS UCAT Medicine Information Session – Lunchtime in the RDSSC

March 17 –   ADF Gap Year Online Information Session 6:00pm Register here

March 22 –   Bond University Visit and Presentation – Lunchtime in the RDSSC

Teresa Darcy 
Careers Advisor / VET Coordinator


Senior 8’s Cap presentation

Our Senior Boys and Girls rowing crews were presented with their 1st VIII caps for Saturday’s Head of the River this week. We were very fortunate to have Dr Adam Wertheimer as our guest speaker. Adam shared with us his experience on what it means to row at the Head of the River and life long skills it teaches our young men and women. Adam was fortunate enough to win two Head of the River’s with Hutchins and also went on to win a World Junior Rowing Title after finishing Year 12.

I wish all our rowers the very best at the Head of the River this Saturday.

Jamie Breden
Director of Rowing



All Basketball teams have completed their final round of games this week and I am pleased to announce that we will have Scotch Oakburn teams playing finals in four of the five divisions. The final placings of teams are as follows:

Senior Firsts Boys – Finished equal second with Launceston Grammar (LCGS), however due to overall for/against percentages they will be playing LCGS at LCGS in the Semi-Final. The last time these two teams met it was a draw, therefore it is promising to be a very close match.

Senior Firsts Girls – Have certainly had their best season this year and have finished equal second with St Brendan Shaw College (SBSC) and play them at home in the Semi-Final. They defeated SBSC by 42 points last time they met, however, SBSC was missing some key players. This game will definitely be a challenge, but the girls have improved immensely over the season and this will certainly help them in their feat to make the Grand Final.

Senior Seconds Boys – The boys have played some great basketball over this competition, they have finished fourth in their roster, however, they drew with the top team, LCGS in their last game. They now meet them again in the Semi-Final and they will be very keen to turn the tables and secure the win and a spot in the Grand Final.

Senior Seconds Girls – Have finished equal first with St Patrick’s College (SPC) and will go straight through to the Grand Final. Given they defeated SPC by 8 points last time they met the girls will be playing them at home in what should be a great final.

The Semi Final and Grand Final roster over the coming weeks are:

Wednesday 17 March 2021

Senior Firsts Boys Semi Final:  v’s LCGS   4:15pm   at LCGS
Senior Firsts Girls Semi Final:  v’s SBSC   3:30pm  at Scotch Oakburn
Senior Seconds Boys Semi Final:  v’s LCGS   5:15pm at LCGS

Wednesday 24 March 2021

Senior Seconds Girls Grand Final:  v’s SPC  TBA at Scotch Oakburn

I would like to wish all teams the best of luck in their finals and it would be great to have as many supporters at our games as possible.

Natalie Good
Director of Basketball


/ Middle School

Learning to ‘step up’, rather than standing to the side!

Which team do you belong to?  What makes a team connect or ‘click’?  How can you give more to your team?

Many of our 2021 teams are now in full flight (whether this is a friendship group, or a Year Level, a House group, a tutor group or a formal sports club or choir) and we can now start to learn to ‘step up more’ and not just be a team member.  The challenge for all of us is to continue to grow and become a consistent contributor to our team.  Equally important we must be courageous when our team isn’t performing well.  How can we adjust the course or flight path of our team?  This can only happen if one or more have the initiative to positively influence others in the team, this takes commitment, compassion, and ethical values.

Within the Middle School, students, staff, mentors, and visitors will experience many forms of ‘teams’. This intention is aimed to create positive momentum and allow for the ‘learners’ to step up and not just watch and be a bystander.  Leadership starts from within, but it is influenced by others and the actions of your teammates.  My wish is that every member of the Middle School community firstly finds their ‘teams’ and then takes the opportunities to grow, by standing up for their team, their teammates and themselves.  I believe that all students can learn how to develop team skills, it takes time, energy, success and failure, and most of all trust in others.

Teamwork is about individuals committing to a group effort!!

Ben Green
Head of Middle School

Student Achievement

Bella Shaw (Year 7) was one of a number of Scotch Oakburn Students who competed at the Little Athletics Tasmania State Championships at the Domain Athletics Centre in Hobart over the weekend 6-7 March 2021.  Bella won the gold medal in the Under 13 Girls 1500m,   silver medal in the Under 13 Girls 800m and was selected in the 2021 Tasmanian State Team to compete at the Australian Little Athletics Championships (ALAC).

Ben Green
Head of Middle School

Year 7 Education Outdoors need tyre tubes

Our Education Outdoors department is in need of old tyre tubes to use for an activity in our Year 7 programs.  The tubes need to be in working order (i.e. no holes and able to be inflated). If you can help, tubes can be dropped at Middle and Senior School receptions.


/ Junior School




This week a group of Year 4 students joined our resident astronomer Mrs Katrina Edmunds in a Zoom session with Dr Adrian Brown, an Australian who is one of the lead scientists with NASA’s Perseverance mission to Mars. What an amazing learning opportunity to hear firsthand from a leading team member about some key aspects of this incredible scientific feat!

Perseverance was launched on July 30 2020 and arrived at the Jezero Crater on Mars on February 18 2021, having travelled at speeds of up to 500 000 kph.  ‘It survived 7 minutes of terror as it entered Mars’ thin atmosphere before being lowered by a sky crane to the cold apparently desolate surface.’

The students were glued to the vision and discussion as they shared with Mrs Edmunds her passion for all things astronomical. She even has her name on Mars now, following an application to have it included on a chip attached to Perseverance which will be on Mars until found by future space travellers (earthlings or others?).

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School

Swimming – NIJSSA

Congratulations to all members of the team that represented the College at this week’s Northern Independent Junior Schools Sports Association swimming carnival. ‘The vibe and supportive team culture was a highlight of the day’ (Nicky Reid), along with many outstanding performances in the pool.  Year 3 team members, representing the College for the first time, started the day on such a positive note with a series of wins in both girls and boys freestyle events, and the active encouragement and support of the Year 6 team members helped settle the big occasion nerves! Throughout the day the cross year-level interaction exemplified a true sense of ‘Team’.

More than 300 swimmers representing nine schools participated in in the carnival and the final result with Scotch Oakburn finishing in first place was a tribute to every team member striving to achieve their personal best.

Thank you HPE Teacher Nicky Reid and her team support staff of Esther Croft-Elliot, Ben Green, Deb Reynolds and Miranda Creak, together with the SOC parents who assisted as officials during the day.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School


Classroom Learning

Student engagement in learning investigations and tasks at all levels from Early Learning to Year 5 has been a highlight of this Term. One example of this has been in Year 1 Jones where the question ‘What does a world need?’  has led to explorations of environment, community, fictional worlds, systems such as the human body, animal worlds and even Minecraft worlds. All of these have captured the interest and imagination of students, initiating cross curricular learning and providing a ready avenue into daily reading and writing experiences.

Visitors to the classroom can readily see evidence of the learning on walls, in all corners of the room and in books, as well as hearing from the students who confidently explain what they are doing.

In every classroom across the Elphin Campus examples of learning just like this can be found. Parents who are attending conferences with their child and their class teacher this week and next, as well as those who have visited rooms through the morning drop-off booking system, will be seeing this.  Any families who have not yet had an opportunity to visit their child’s classroom this Term are strongly encouraged to find an opportunity to do so. Your guide will have much to share with you!

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School


Student Achievements

Congratulations to all our students who competed in last weekend’s Little Athletics State Championships in Hobart. Results reported to the school are from Year 2 students Maia Barritt who won gold medals in hurdles, long jump and high jump, and Lachlan Kleinig whose silver medals in long jump and hurdles were highlights of his strong performances across several events.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School


Save the Date

Families might like to make diary notes of these College events scheduled during 2021:

Mother’s Day: Friday 7 May from  2.00pm to 4.00pm

Father’s Day: Friday 3 September

Grandparents and Friends Day for Year 5: Friday 12 November

Further details of each event will be available closer to the date.


Author: Michael Grose


“Share your things with your brother. Don’t be so selfish!”

If you, like me, still have this message rattling around your head then you’ll know how much kids’ selfishness is frowned upon parents. It sits alongside negative terms such as spoilt, bratty and mean-spirited.

I’ve long sung the praises of parents who promote a sense of generosity and giving in their kids. I hold the firm belief that one of the central tasks for parents is to socialise children so that the next generation has a strong sense of civic-mindedness.

There’s a place for developing self-ishness in children, but not the mean-spirited variety. Here are some aspects of self-ishness that help ensure kids become happy, successful and contributing community members.


Young children have few social filters. They’ll blurt out comments at the worst possible moment that are guaranteed to embarrass you, your neighbour or relative. Embarrassing comments may be cute in toddlers but they lose their shine when children reach the school years. Parents can encourage self-awareness by drawing children’s attention to the requirements of different social situations, varying their social experiences and keeping behavioural expectations high. The socialisation process means that kids need to be aware of how their words and actions impact on others and modify their behaviours accordingly.


A child’s awareness of their emotional world is a wonderful gift. A rarer gift is the ability to regulate emotions such as anxiety, sadness and anger. Being able to identify their feelings, or at least, have the sense of awareness that something doesn’t feel right is central to emotional intelligence and is a requirement if they are to develop empathy.  Parents can encourage self-regulation in children by drawing attention to feelings, creating moments of stillness and giving them tools to calm themselves down when they’re upset.


My daughter came back from a six-month student exchange in Denmark as a sixteen-year-old with a remarkable sense of maturity. The challenge of living away from home for so long had given her what so many teenagers lack – self-knowledge. The experience taught her a great deal about herself, her strengths and vulnerabilities. She arrived home with a sense of ‘this is who I am’, which is one of the central tasks of adolescence.  Parents can promote kids’ self-knowledge by helping them identify their strengths, encouraging a wide range of interests and providing challenge opportunities during the last years of primary school and throughout secondary school.


Could your child sit at the meal table with food in front of them and wait until everyone has been seated before eating? I hope so, because little acts of denial such as this encourage the self-discipline required for later success. The ability to delay immediate gratification whether ‘to do the right thing’ or to ensure greater and later success is needed in every aspect of life. Self-discipline, like a muscle, needs to be exercised or it deteriorates. Parents can develop self-discipline in their children by encouraging small acts of delayed gratification such as saving pocket money. Help them understand that some desirable outcomes such as achieving good academic marks, gaining sporting awards and helping others generally require them to give up something in return.


Leadership is a hot topic at the moment, particularly in the political sphere. The seeds of great leadership are sown in childhood by parents who teach kids solid values such as respect, accountability, kindness and empathy. They encourage skills such as emotional smarts, clear articulation and developing independence. In many ways, self-leadership is the sum of these traits combined. Importantly, it comes before successful leadership in a public sense such as leading a school group, a sporting team, a workplace group or a family.

In closing

Kids’ abilities and attitudes vary, and they shift at different stages of development, which makes raising kids according to templates such as the one above tricky. It’s generally not until adulthood that we see the lasting impact of our parenting efforts and it’s the big ideas such as developing positive self-ishness traits that have the most lasting impact on kids.


Kylie Wolstencroft
Wellbeing Coordinator / Registered Psychologist


Throughout the past few weeks, I have been focused on finding the learning ‘gold’ across our College.  This ‘gold’ is when students make real connections, when they understand a concept deeper, or when they place their own prior knowledge into a new environment and reach a goal that exceeds expectations!  This is often referred to as ‘learning how to learn’.  Pleasingly, I notice this very regularly.  Importantly, it is not just students that I observe this ‘gold’, as I have seen many staff, coaches and mentors continuing to learn how to learn.  This is what makes a learning hub thrive, when all members of the community have a pursuit for more learning!

This week, I have enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about myself as a learner with the Year 7 SOC2City community.  Firstly, we adapted to a ‘new’ learning space, our ‘City Campus’, based at the School of Architecture at the University of Tasmania at Inveresk.  Learning environments can be and should be anywhere.  They can be as well-known as City Park, or in the community, for example,  a Mall, or a University Lecture Theatre.  This week many of our learners have been challenged to learn in so many ways, this is very important as we embrace the Scotch Oakburn Learner Attributes.

I noticed students taking on ‘roles’ within a group, using their strengths and interests to help their group achieve learning outcomes.  These ‘attributes’ are critical as our learners adapt to the learning environments of the future.  The key purpose for programs like SOC2City is to provide students with the ingredients to learn, not providing them with a step by step recipe, for that type of learning only limits the outcomes.  I challenge all learners (students, staff, coaches, mentors and parents) to continue to focus on the ingredients (our Learner Attributes) so that more recipes can be created and not followed.

Ben Green
Head of Middle School


The Scotch Oakburn College community is a wonderfully diverse and inclusive community. Feedback that College staff often receive from students and families who are new to the College is how welcomed they feel as they make the transition to our school and its community. I am not surprised, as inclusivity and compassion are two of the College’s Values, which we live out every day. To reflect the sense of belonging for all people in our community I am pleased to announce the release of the College’s Inclusion and Diversity Policy. To view the policy click on this link now. This policy is an important statement of what our core beliefs are around the importance of being inclusive, and that all members of our community and safe, valued and cared for.

Andy Muller


There was quite an excited buzz around the Middle and Senior Schools on Monday when it was announced that this year’s College Production is Shrek the Musical. This year’s production is going to have many firsts – the first Year 6-12 production and the first one to be held at the Princess Theatre for many years.

Ms Denise Sam will be directing the show and she is in the final stages of scheduling workshops and audition times. If you are interested in being part of this exciting musical adventure, then please keep your eyes on the Dash and the Performing Arts Centre noticeboard.

Watch this space for more details about dates and bookings as it is sure to book out quickly.

Stephen King
Head of Visual and Performing Arts


/ Middle School, Senior School

The NSATIS Swimming Carnival will take place on Wednesday, 10 March at the Launceston Aquatic Centre. Unfortunately due to COVID restrictions, no spectators will be allowed.  The following transport arrangements have been made to accommodate the split format of the carnival.

Students competing in U13 and U14 events can be dropped at the Centre by 9.15am.

Students in U13 and U14 events requiring transport from school can catch the bus leaving from outside Briggs House at 9.00am.
U13 and U14 swimmers will return to school at 11.45am via school bus.

U15/U16/Open Swimmers will catch the school bus to the Aquatic Centre at 11.30am from the Briggs House turning circle.
Open Swimmers who drive may drive to the Centre.

The carnival should conclude around 3.00pm.  A bus will return to school at 3.10pm for those requiring it.  Otherwise, students may be collected from the Aquatic Centre.

Congratulations to Year 12 student Ellie Muller and Year 11 students William Gray and Wylie Howell who are the Swimming Captains for 2021. These students are most deserving recipients of these leadership positions. With a swimming team displaying considerable depth of talent, the College is anticipating strong results from a very competitive team this year.  I wish all three leaders and the team the very best on what will be an exciting day of swimming.

Jane Gregg
Person-in-Charge of Swimming


/ Junior School, Middle School

Scotch Oakburn College has been asked to provide the children’s chorus for Opera Australia’s upcoming tour featuring Bizet’s Carmen to be held at the Princess Theatre on Monday 28 June 2021.

If you would like to be on stage with some of Australia’s leading opera performers then this is your opportunity. The chorus is open to students between 9 and 14 years as of 28 June 2021. It is an auditioned choir and auditions will be in the Leigh Speedy Room, Wednesday 17 March 4.00pm-5.30pm.

If you would like more information, please contact Ms Denise Sam at

Stephen King
Head of Visual and Performing Arts

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