Mrs Kate Croft, Mr Calton Frame, Rev Carol Bennett, Mr Simon Foster, Mrs Sally Darke, Mr Andy Müller, Mr Andrew Gray, Mrs Judy Terry, Mr Fred Lester, Mrs Selena Palmer.  Inset: Mr Geoff Duggan, Mr David Finnigan.

The role of the Board is to provide sound governance for the College. Each member of the Board of Governance is appointed by the Uniting Church, Australia, Synod of Victoria and Tasmania, and is bound by a constitution and charter, both of which are regularly updated and amended to suit evolving conditions.

The most important function of the Board is the appointment of the Principal, who is responsible for the staff and students, programs and activities of the College. The Principal is guided by the Scotch Oakburn Strategic Plan, policies and initiatives developed with the Board of Governance. Other important functions of the Board include oversight of finances and risk management, and the development of facilities, buildings and grounds.

The Scotch Oakburn Board is a skills based Board of Governance. Collectively, the members of the Board apply a balanced perspective and a wealth of experience to Board discussions and decisions. The Board ensures that the interests of all College stakeholders are considered in the decision making process.

The Principal, in consultation with the Board, appoints the Business Manager who also has the role of Secretary to the Board. The Business Manager’s responsibilities are extensive, forming an important link between Board Committees, the Principal, the Chair of the Board and wider College groups.

Any large organisation embracing so many committees and sub groups needs clear guidelines for good and orderly communication. The point of contact between the College and Board of Governance is through the Principal and the Chair of the Board. Their working relationship is necessarily close, trusting, regular and, where necessary, confidential.

Chairperson: Sally Darke
Deputy Chairperson: Andrew Gray

Other Board members (in alphabetical order):
Rev. Carol Bennett, Geoff Duggan, Simon Foster, David Finnigan, Calton Frame, Fred Lester, Andy Müller, Selena Palmer, Judy Terry.

The Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School, Kate Croft, attends all Board meetings.

Secretary to the Board: Calton Frame
T: 6336 3360