Three campuses…one college


Elphin Campus

Early Learning Centre, Junior School and Boarding House

Scotch Oakburn College Junior School  elphin-2-cropped  elphin-9-croppedelphin-8-cropped  elphin-5-cropped  elphin-3-croppedelphin-1-cropped  elphin-7-cropped  elphin-4-cropped

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Early Learning

Promoting wonder, curiosity, discovery and joy, the Early Learning environment is specifically designed to cater for the development of our ...
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Junior School

Smaller class sizes allow teachers to focus on personalising learning. From the earliest years, a thorough foundation in literacy and ...
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The Scotch Oakburn Boarding House is set on picturesque grounds, surrounded by beautiful gardens and century-old oak trees on the ...
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Penquite Campus

Middle School, Senior School, Health and Physical Education Centre, Performing Arts Centre and the Scotch Oakburn Park Sporting Complex

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Middle School

Children learn best when they are in age appropriate settings. Adolescence is a time of great physical, physiological and social ...
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Senior School

A vast array of learning experiences are offered at the Senior School, matching each student´s needs and interests. Through the ...
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Scotch Oakburn College offers a wide range of co-curricular options. A stimulating visual arts program is available, along with a ...
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Valley Campus

Education Outdoor and Environmental Centre in the Fingal Valley (just over an hour from Launceston)

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Education Outdoors

        The Education Outdoors program is an integral part of the Scotch Oakburn curriculum and provides unique ...
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Valley Campus Bookings

Our Valley Campus is available for bookings by groups outside the College community. The campus accommodates a total of 76 ...
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